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Romantic Ways To Propose

Romantic Ways To Propose

Looking for romantic ways to propose? Have a feeling, it is time to let someone in your life know that you are thinking of seeing your bride walking down the aisle in the best wedding dress? When you are planning to propose, it is a moment that is very emotional and a personal event, not to mention that it is a big deal.

Once you have made up your mind that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, the next step should be to propose. You will need to go through the various ways in which you can propose and decide how you are going to pop the question.

There are a variety of ways to propose, and the word romantic might mean different things to different people. But whatever way you settle for, it has to reflect you plus your future spouse. Do you require help? The following ideas might help in knowing how to propose. Use them as a source of inspiration and reassurance for your moment of engagement.

Start planning for that special moment with the following romantic ways to propose, inspired by real couples.

  • Surrounded by family

When you announce your engagement to your friends, it is a moment that is exciting but is even better when you propose, and they witness you doing so.

  • On a mountain top

You will feel top of the world if the proposal happens on top of a mountain. When you propose on a hilltop or a picturesque mountain, it will give both of you the butterflies, and it will not be because of the view or height.

  • With your pets

If you share pet parents’ duties with your partner, you can involve your pets during the proposal. For example, you can secretly add a new tag on the collar of your pet with your proposal message. Or maybe think about creating a sign to help you in popping the question.

Romantic Ways To Propose

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  • While on a trip of a lifetime

Whether you are taking a cross country road trip or traveling abroad on a trip you have always dreamt about with your partner, it might be a memorable time to pop the proposal question. Make sure to research ahead of time and find out the one spot where you would like the proposal to happen.

You should as well go with the flow if the times feel right somewhere while on a trip. You don’t have to worry about the blues after vacation when you are back home. The truth is that you will be thinking about your engagement bliss.

  • Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Whether you are just visiting or live in NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge might be an excellent place to make your proposal. It could also be a great place for your photographer for the proposal to remain incognito. They can blend with the camera-wielding tourists until the moment of the proposal.

  • On a scenic hike

If you are an outdoor type of couple, then this particular idea might blend well with you. You can pop the question while you are on a hike. Thus, you can get the best out of both worlds: a gorgeous setting and privacy. Moreover, if you can find a waterfall, the better.

  • At a bookstore

Is the person you love and want to propose to love books? Then taking them to their favorite bookstore and proposing, using the bookstore as a backdrop might be a romantic gesture. Notify the store in advance what you are planning to do. Ask if they can provide for some privacy or will allow you to add in some decorations.

  • When having a surf sesh

You can get married in wet suits and all after you have caught some waves together on the beach. If you are not surfers, you can think about proposing when exercising together. For example, if it is a jog happening on your favorite trail or relaxing during your hot yoga class.

  • While exploring Paris, the city of love

When you get engaged during a trip to Paris, then it will be one of the most romantic way of proposing. From the Eiffel Tower to Pont des Arts, there are several iconic backdrops found in Paris. Called the City of Love, it will make the proposal go right. If you are unable to make your way to Paris, then you can go to some European inspired cities in North America. For example, Washington D.C., Montreal, and New Orleans.

  • With a caricature

Apart from being a creative way of proposing to your loved one, the same will be used as a special keepsake that you can treasure your entire life.

  • Surrounded by a lot of flower petals

It is possible to create your dreamy proposal space wherever you want to do it. Utilize rose petals, forming an aisle leading to the exact spot where you will be proposing. With a scenic spot, everything will be fine, but it might create a great backdrop if done at home.

  • Overlooking a city monument

With both of you being city dwellers, take your partner to a lookout spot in town that you think is wow. Then go ahead and pop the question with a great view. One of the best views is the one overlooking Washington D.C. National Mall.

  • In a forest

Are you traveling to a tropical island? Whether you are headed to Asia, Hawaii, or somewhere in the Caribbean, rest assured that you will not lack options when it comes to rainforest sceneries. Moreover, the location will serve as a stunning spot for your proposal.

  • With flowers and champagne

At times, it is the little details that make a significant difference. A sweet yet straightforward balcony set up with an intimate table and roses for two might be romantic. Having champagne chilling before time might be a bonus for you.

Which romantic ways to propose will work fro you? For more options, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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