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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Seating Arrangement To Avoid

A wedding will make you believe in true love. If your partner proposes to you, your heart will definitely skip a beat and you will feel very excited as finally, you are about to start the new chapter of your life together with the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Of course, it is your wedding dress that will make you look very beautiful on your most precious day, but there are more to that, that can make the day really special.

It is your guests who will make this special day more exciting. As the bride to be, it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone will be very happy. One of the favors you can give to them is making sure they will be seated in the reception area without any troubles or issues. Although requires a lot of work for you, arranging their seats is a good idea for weddings, especially if you are expecting a big crowd from different groups.

Planning for seating arrangement is never easy but with the help of your partner and wedding coordinators, this supposedly tedious task will become a bit easy.

Seating Arrangement You Have To Avoid

Apart from things you have to consider and do, there are things that you also need to avoid, and to name them, read below:

  • Seating the elderly near the DJ or band

Not letting the grandpas and grandmas sit near any of the sound equipment and reception music is highly recommended. Sure, most of the old folks are having a hard time hearing, and too loud a sound may give them a very hard time talking with each other. You sure would not want them to struggle and battle sharing small talks with people seated next to them.

Do not worry though, as if they feel like dancing, they can freely go to the dance floor and enjoy your wedding’s upbeat music.

  • Do not seat guests that have a feud, near each other

If you want to have a peaceful wedding celebration, do not put on the same table your relatives or friends that have misunderstandings or feud. But, just in case you are losing options already, you can put one on one side of the table and the other to the next end of the table.

To make sure that you are not missing anyone, you can ask your parents and as well as your in-laws for any feuds in the family they know. Also, you can turn back to your close friends for any arguments your friends just had during the time you are busy organizing your wedding.

Yes, they may be too prim to fight at your wedding, but you are giving your guests some uncomfortable feeling if you do not consider this. Be sensitive and make everyone happy and in good mood during your wedding celebration.

  • Do not forget that you have kids guests too

If you are implementing an all-adult wedding celebration, this is not an issue you have to think about, but if you are expecting some kids at your wedding, make sure that you strategize carefully. In many weddings, it is very awkward to see kids running around while someone is in the front delivering his/her speech, also it may cause loss of focus and even irritation to other guests. Instead of letting them sit together with their parents, you can assign a dedicated table for them. Make coloring and drawing materials, and some toys available for them to use and play with as the program commences. You can have someone to look after the children so they will behave right all throughout the event.

Additional Tip: You may also want to prepare a different set of meals for them as they are sometimes not interested in food enjoyed by adults.

  • Do not overcrowd a table

Let your guests move and eat freely and without any disturbances. At the maximum, depending on the size of the table, have 8 to 10 people sit at one table. If you have a large group of college friends invited, divide them into two, why give them just one table is definitely not the best decision you would do. Do not worry, as even if they are not sharing the same table, they can go around and chat.

  • Do not let single guests have one table just because they are all single

Do not rub it into their face, yes they know they are single, and there is no reason why would you let them all sit on one table only. It would be nice if someone gets interested in the other but what if there is none? It would really be very awkward.

If you are planning to pair them up, letting them sit together at one table is not the best way to do it.

  • Do not be predictable

You are not required to sit all your family together same as with your friends. You can mix and match them according to their interest and behavior. There is no strict ruling as to make all your relatives share one table and your friends onto another. Make them mingle and know each other a little bit more.

Also, if you have a seating arrangement set for your rehearsal dinner, make sure that you will shuffle them at the wedding reception. Give your guests the chance to meet others, anyway, this is what others are excited about when attending weddings.

  • Do not make the wedding party share just one table

If your wedding party is from a different set of friends, there is no need for seating them together. You can place them on the table where their friends or relatives are seated. You sure want them to have fun too, hence letting them sit to where they can be most comfortable is a good idea.

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