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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

A wedding happens once in your lifetime. Apart from your wedding dress, hiring vendors, and choosing a venue, you also have to consider post-wedding events. A bridal shower is indeed a celebration you must not forget. This event is most of the time participated by the wedding party and the bride’s closest friends. What are some bridal shower gift ideas to consider?

These are some of the bridal shower gift ides for you to consider!

  • Candles

Why not? This will give brides the nostalgic and sentimental feel. Make the scent associated something the couple likes. Apart from that nostalgic effect, candles can also give brides the relaxation they need. Candles come in different scents, colors, and forms, choose the one that you know would make the bride feel special and happy.

  • A gift certificate to a spa

Brides to be are so busy and stressed out as they prepare for their biggest day. A ticket to the spa would surely help them relax and forget their wedding problems. If you can spare a few more dollars, you can give her a certificate for two so she can bring her soon to be spouse as well.

Make sure though that the spa you will choose is accessible and near where she lives. You sure would not want to give her a hard time traveling to the spa and back.

Tip: Give a certificate that has a long expiration date, as they may want to use it after the wedding.

  • Kitchenware

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

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Vintage and heirloom cookware could be a great gift to give the bride to be on her shower party. This option can be a bit expensive, hence buying even one piece, as long as it is high quality should suffice.

  • A basket full of self-care shower items

You sure would like your bride to look at her best on her wedding. Give her something to pamper herself with before the big da. In her goodie bag, do not forget to put essentials like bath bombs, face masks, aromatic candles, shower gel, etc.

  • Cocktail themed newlywed basket

Giving basket full of wines with the tag of the couple’s first milestones is also a good idea. One wine tagged “first milestone”, another tagged “first baby” and the other “first house” and so on. Your girlfriend would really appreciate this gift.

  • Customized sweets

The bride to be may not have the time to buy and feed herself with food that would satisfy her sweet cravings. Give the bride to be a customized cake, chocolate bars, etc. Baking or making this for her is indeed thoughtful. However, if you are not into baking or cooking, you are free to check on different websites selling these kinds of stuff.

Everyone not only the bride would be very happy for such gifts.

  • A personalized planner

A planner can help the bride a lot not only on her wedding planning commitments but also as she plans her new life. Make the planner personalized. Choose a color and style you know suited to her personality. There are shops offering name printing on planners, this is also something good to consider.

  • A piece of jewelry

Not those expensive pieces of jewelry you know but the simple necklace, bracelet, and earring would be nice. If it is too expensive for you, you can have a friend or friends to share the gift with you.

  • A jewelry box

For sure, her spouse will shower her with many pieces of jewelry for the entire duration of their relationship. Thus, a jewelry box is a perfect place for her to store them. Choose a jewelry box that looks elegant and long-lasting.

You can also have this personalized if you wish.

  • Beauty salon gift certificate

Just to make sure she will have the best make up and do at her wedding, give her a gift certificate from one of the famous salons in your area. Do not specify anything on the gift certificate so the bride to be can choose where would she use it, hair and makeup, hair treatment, etc.

Giving a gift to a bride is not a requirement but a sweet idea. With these bridal shower gift ideas you’ll easily make a decision1 To know more about wedding planning, check Bride’s survival guide!


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