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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Best Honeymoon Destinations For All Types Of Couples

After you are done with your best wedding dress on your wedding day, it is now time to think about your honeymoon destination. Searching for the best and the right destination for your honeymoon is a critical decision to make, and it should be done before your wedding day.

With several beautiful cities, countries, and places all over the world to visit, having the best honeymoon destination will automatically invoke feelings of affection and love, in addition to also having a great mix of vibes from different places to see and activities to take place.

Different people will regard different things when deciding on the type of place to go for their honeymoon. There are a variety of places where you can comfortably enjoy your honeymoon on natural beach beauty and great mountains, among many other things. There will be activities such as scuba diving, hiking, or trekking if you decide to go on an adventure trip.

There are other destinations for honeymoon, which have options for the newlyweds, including visiting man-made monuments, ancient museums, and exploring the city. Depending on your pastime together, you will be able to choose a honeymoon destination that is ideal for the two of you.

The following are some honeymoon destination ideas which you can choose from:

  • Sri Lanka: It is regarded as the Pearl of Orient, a fantastic island for you to visit as newlyweds. It has a variety of activities which you will be able to enjoy as a couple, and you will be assured of having a great bonding time and getting to know and understand each other in this beautiful country.

You will come across a variety of wonderful places, and you could start with the Sigiriya Citadel, which is said to have been established in the 5th century. It was built on top of a rock, decorated with magnificent, colorful frescoes and stones.  You will get a massive lion-like getaway on the plateau side, which is the one that made the place to be given the name, Sigiriya.

Sigiriya is one of the greatest places that you should enjoy your honeymoon as you will have a peaceful time exploring the ancient city. The fantastic scenery and the calm atmosphere surrounding the region are what make it to be a must-visit during your honeymoon.

  • Paris in France: Known worldwide as a capital city full of love, Paris is a secure and incredible experience if you are honeymooning. The charming, beautiful city has a variety of things to give newlyweds who want to have a great experience in Europe.

On the Eiffel Tower, you can share a kiss, which will be an experience which you have to accomplish if you go to this city on your honeymoon. It has a view which you will die for, so ensure to visit it.

The Notre Dame cathedral is another place you must visit if you are in Paris for your honeymoon. It is an ancient church that was constructed in the 12th century, and many sculptures and paintings have gained inspiration from it for many years. It brings out the French Gothic architecture, making it an experience that you should not miss out on.

  • Singapore: If you are looking for a modern twist in your honeymoon destination, then Singapore should be on your list. There are a variety of things which you can do, from relaxing at the beach to winding on broad roads in the city.

As a couple, the Marina Bay Sands might be an option to consider.  It is located in one of the world’s most significant casino properties. There is a lot you can do, including large theaters, mall shopping, a variety of beaches, and buildings that are futuristic worth visiting while on a trip to Singapore. There is diverse ethnicity in this country and, thus, an excellent place for a diversity of cultures.

Another great attraction is the Garden of the Bay,  situated on about 101 hectares of spanning reclaimed land with a beautiful nature park that is next to the Marina Reservoir.  It has several waterfront gardens, and the two of you are sure to enjoy the vibes and beautiful scenery of the place.

  • Hawaii: It is one of the most dreamt about honeymoon destinations for any couple who wants to have a holiday during their memorable honeymoon. It has a variety of islands, making some of the best tourist attractions. It is situated in the Central Pacific Ocean, separated from the mainland USA.

It has a rugged landscape that is majestic with green mountains, tropical forests, cliffs, waterfalls with unique colors of sand, complementing the Pacific blue water, making Hawaii a great destination to visit as a couple.

Hawaii’s capital city is Honolulu and is known to be the home of Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor memorials, among many others.  If outdoor activities are an option for you, then going to Hawaii might be the best option for you. You will enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, golfing, and much more. In Kalauea, you will encounter an active volcano, that spurts lava.

  • Greece: A country found in southeastern Europe, it is well known for having a variety of islands in the Ionian seas. Greece has always been known to be the cradle of Western Civilization.  If you are searching for a honeymoon destination, Greece has a lot of its charm in the old world.

There are beaches,  its 5th-century ruins, and several party beaches which are all placed together, to make it a magnificent and charming country to enjoy your honeymoon. It is home to several islands, including Crete, known to be the most significant civilization known to human beings in the ancient world.

There are a lot of buildings that are significant to history and culture, which include mainland Delphi, Thessaloniki, Olympia, and much more. While in Greece, you must visit Amouri Bay, a port city that is surrounded by great red cliffs overseeing the ocean. There are a lot of buildings that are whitewashed, where you can enjoy a meal as you enjoy a great view.

Irrespective of your type, you will never lack a honeymoon destination. Check the ultimate bride’s survival guide for various options of honeymoon destinations to pick from.

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