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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Decision When To Go On Your Honeymoon

You might be undecided about when to go for your honey. It could be that one of you wants to go immediately after they take off their wedding dress while the other couple wants to go several months after.

Settling on a honeymoon destination tends to be one of the exciting tasks which usually is on the to-do list of the pre-wedding, but deciding when to embark on the journey tends to be a hurdle, as it is a critical decision that most of the time, it is overlooked.

Traditionally, most couples have opted to go for their honeymoon immediately after the reception at their wedding. Still, in recent trends, it seems this is significantly changing, and couples choose to delay the honeymoon trip by a couple of days, weeks, or even months after the wedding.

While there is no wrong or right time when to go for your honeymoon, it is worth you to check out the pros and cons of all the options that are at your disposal before making a final decision on when to go for your honeymoon.

The following are some thoughts that might inspire you in the process:

Going for your honeymoon immediately after your wedding

  • Why it is loved: When you ride the ways of your wedding celebrations to the airport, it makes you feel greater bliss as you head for a romantic getaway with your spouse. The first-class upgrade, the vintage car send-off, waking up in a hotel bed in a destination that is foreign to you, and just enjoying the moment of being officially Mr and Mrs.

That could be the main reason most newlyweds have opted to go for a honeymoon immediately after their wedding celebrations.  Apart from the glory of the moment, you will require a vacation immediately after the hectic time of wedding planning is over.

Going for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding celebrations will allow you to skip the many post-wedding tasks such as settling the event managers, returning the tuxedos, overseeing visitors departing.

When you escape to an exotic destination, it tends to be the fastest way to great relaxation and one of the most celebratory and momentous occasions which marriage offers. To add to that, you will wear the badge of being a newlywed with pride wherever your honeymoon takes you.

  • What you should consider: As you roll the wedding part to your honeymoon, though blissful for some couples, some find it tiring. Several months of preparing for the wedding being finalized in a single day celebration might be too exciting, and carrying the excitement to another level might not be your cup of coffee.

Some couples tend to value their time where they need to reflect with family and friends in the days that follow after the wedding, which are moments which might be stale if you go on a honeymoon immediately then come back later, maybe after two weeks.

There is also the feeling of abandoning your wedding reception early to catch a flight just the time the crowd is climaxing. It is terrible for you to rush out of your wedding reception.

Going for honeymoon several days after your wedding ceremony

  • Why it is loved: It is an option that allows you to exhale after your wedding celebrations. Please take a little time to separate your wedding from your honeymoon. It will enable each of the occasions to have its glory without one stealing the beauty of the other.

When you wait for a few days or at least a week after your wedding celebrations, it will enable you to absorb all that happened during the celebration of your new marriage, while getting enough time to rest, reflect, and pack.

With all the energy which goes into the wedding preparation to enable you to have a smooth wedding, you don’t want to toss pack for a vacation, which is once in a lifetime – your honeymoon.

Arrange your post-wedding activities, clean and store or, if necessary, return the wedding dress, settle out any pending bills from the various vendors, check out your wedding gifts, and remember to appreciate your guests.

The sweet thing about it all is that you will head to the honeymoon free from any obligations while at the same time, remaining fresh from the fact that you are newlyweds.

  • What you need to consider: There is the dreaded limbo effect. While it is good to fly with a clear head, you might be among the couples who feel that the days between your wedding day and honeymoon might drag with a lot of anticipation. Besides, nobody wants to spend their first days as couples fulfilling duties.

Though the duties might be light, when you allow your post-wedding to spill over, even one day or two might be too much. If you are employed, it might pause an additional consideration.

You might have taken a few days off to prepare for your wedding. Check out if you have enough flexibility to allow for crucial days besides a gaping period that leads to your honeymoon.

Months or even a year after the wedding

  • Why it is loved: Life, work, and planning the wedding tends to fill the plates of most couples. Having to postpone the honeymoon and the efforts that come with preparing for one eases if you decide to spread it over some time. More time means you are going to come up with a dream honeymoon.

The separation of time will allow you to have both the wedding celebrations and honeymoon to shine separately as different entities. Plan a big wedding, and then, later on, plan for a big honeymoon.

Once everything is settled, you can rekindle your love fire by coming up with the marvelous honeymoon itinerary that you can afford. Travel when you have a fresh spirit, be adventurous and allow both of you to enjoy without a ceiling.

You will need enough time to come up with such a journey where you will be able to turn fantasy into reality, and the freedom you will have to sort out your finances while planning for a big trip will be appreciated at the end of it all.

So when do you want to go on your honeymoon? As per your preparedness and preferences, choose what will work best for you. For other information about the different times, you can go for your honeymoon, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

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