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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Pros and Cons of Having A Seating Arrangement

Finally, the day you have been waiting for is coming very near. Your wedding will be happening in a few months and you have to be ready for a new life. Sure, one of the things that is stressing you out is your wedding dress. Brides want to be the most beautiful in this day, so wearing a gown that will impress others and can enhance their look is a must for them.

There are just so many things you have to organize for your wedding and if you are decided with a seating arrangement, you have to know that it comes with some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Considering a Seating Arrangement

There are many reasons why couples prefer a seating arrangement for their wedding, and some also have valid reasons why they won’t. To cut it short, the decision of having it or not is dependent on your discretion.

But, just to make it clearer for you, here are some of its pros and cons.


  • It will encourage a much organized wedding

Sure, having it can ensure that your wedding is organized. It will also minimize the chance of chaos and misunderstandings. Also, if there is no seating arrangement guests may find it hard to decide where to seat, and this may end up to empty chairs, lacking of chairs and so on.

Of course, your guests may have to guess who is seated next to whom and who will be seating next to them. You do not want one family scattered to different tables as there is no vacant table where all of them can sit.

If there is a seating arrangement, your guests would not need to guess on where is best to sit as there is already a seat reserved for them.

  • Heightened smoother logistics and formality

A seating arrangement will allow you to place name cards on every chair, making the table look organized. Also, if you are serving plated dinner or lunch and your guests have specific requests, waiters would not find it hard to locate their whereabouts.

Tip: For guest’s special requests, it is best if you give the catering service and the wedding organizer with strict instructions so they will never go wrong with it.

  • Can help you manage all your guests experience

Since you already arranged their seats, you know that those family members that have rage with each other will be seated apart. There are some instances, if seating arrangement is not prepared, those relatives who have misunderstandings will be seated together in one table because they are left without a choice.

Also, you can avoid guests feeling aloof or outcast as they are seated in a table full of strangers. In the end, he/she will decide to go home early or sit there until the end of the party full of agony and stress.

Having a seating arrangement is ideal especially for big weddings, as most of the time, people invited are coming from different families, groups, colleagues and set of friends.


There can be many good reasons why would you go for a seating arrangement type of wedding, but there are some things you also have to think about. Below are some of the disadvantages of considering this:

  • If unexpected guests come in, you have no chair for them to seat

There are some who you initially invited, declined and will show up on the day of the wedding, there are also some who will surprise you. If this happens, you will end up stressful as there is no seat assigned for them. Assigned seating will assure that everyone from your guest list will have a seat but this may not good if you have exact seats.

Tip: To make sure that this issue will be resolved, you can have one vacant table for unexpected guests. Although space consuming, it is better than letting your guests stand.

  • Will give you more stress

Yes, with so many things you have to arrange and organize for your wedding, preparing a seating arrangement may be an added burden for you. This can be very stressful especially for big weddings as you have to decide on who will be seated next to who.

Also, if there are late responses on your RSVP, you have no choice but to arrange the seat again and again until the day of your wedding. Some guests, even if you strictly tell them that RSVP will only be accepted until a specific date, some will still delay their response. Sure, you cannot say no if they say that they can attend.

  • Some may feel offended with their assigned seat

You cannot put everyone in front or in prime spots of the venue, and if you put someone at the back or somewhere where they cannot get a perfect view of the program, they may feel offended and bad.

This will not only add stress on you but you may also feel guilty. As much as you want to please everyone, it is impossible. There are spots from the venue that are blind and there are some that are far from the stage or the limelight. It is sometimes hard to decide who to sit on these spots.

Because of a not so good seat they receive, they feel less important even if it is never your intention.

There are many pros and cons of having or preparing a seating arrangement. Generally speaking, the decision is for you to make. It is just you who can decide whether you would go for it or not. You can discuss this with your soon to be husband and you can assess your guest’s attitude and behavior.

For small weddings, seating arrangement is not necessary as most small and intimate weddings comprise of family members and closest friends only, so seating anywhere is not an issue.

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