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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Pros and Cons of Honeymoon Cruising

Whether you happen to be a nautical novice, a seasoned cruise-goer, there are present that you should consider going for honeymoon cruising immediately, you remove your wedding dress.  The main reason should be that you will visit a variety of destinations, there are a variety of amenities on board as compared to what you will get in a hotel.

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If you are more nuanced, you can decide to buy a honeymoon cruise package so that all your expenses are all heaped in one bundle. The off-ship excursion will ensure that you will experience quality time while onboard the cruise ship.  There are lots of pros that come with having your honeymoon on a cruise ship.

On the other hand, you might not be fun cruising. If you are the type who loves privacy or an environment that is kids free, you might be forced to sacrifice a lot. Even if you book as a couple, it doesn’t guarantee that you will have a romantic trip. You have to stick up your must-haves for your honeymoon with the cruise honeymoon cons and then ensure you do a lot of research so that you pick the right cruise line and the correct voyage.

Take the pros and cons essentials of your honeymoon cruising so that you can decide whether it is really for you or not.

The pros

  • Enjoying countless destinations: The main advantage of honeymoon cruising is that you will have a variety of destinations to enjoy. You will be able to visit a variety of your bucket list places as well as historical sites that are world-class in one itinerary that is seamless. The route has already been designated, and all you will need to go in and out of your cruise ship.

Imagine if you went on a Mediterranean cruise, you would be able to explore in Athens, the Acropolis, the next day, you will be living in the fantasies of the game of throne as you tour the streets of Dubrovnik old town.

  • It is budget-friendly: Most of the cruise lines offer deals whereby, the food, the stateroom, non-alcoholic drinks as well as a majority of onboard amenities are all-inclusive. While rates might vary from one cruise line to the next depending on the type of voyage, you settle for, and the traveling season, you should take advantage of the cruise’s honeymoon packages so that you bundle all your expenses, thereby saving money.
  • Exiting excursions: Apart from the enticing port of calls that you will get on every cruise voyage, there are also endless possibilities where you will explore all the destinations that you visit. Most of the major cruise lines have more than just shopping and historic sightseeing excursions.

If you choose to go with the Azamara Club cruise, you can visit the Bangkok sacred temple, where you will receive personal blessings from the monk.

While in Montenegro, you can take a private cruise to find a tiny island church where you will get hidden Baroque art. You will have limitless options and much more personalized than you ever imagined.

  • There is always something for everyone: From the amenities that are on board such as celebrity chef restaurants, full-service spas, bars, multiple pools, decks, and much more. For the land excursion, you can enjoy bike tours, wine tastings, and painting classes.

Literary, there is always something for everyone who is on a cruise. It makes it great, especially if you are a couple with different interests or you are not in a position to decide on a particular honeymoon destination.

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L’amour by Calla Blanche LA20123 Brogan @iamflamurilazi

Cons of honeymoon cruising

  • It is not always all-inclusive: While honeymoon on a cruise ship is budget-friendly, apart from the on-land trips, multi-stops, not all the cruise ships are built the same. Each of the cruise lines has a different structure of pricing, and you will need to know precisely what is included in your package so that you avoid a last-minute punch to the gut tab when you disembark from the voyage.

Though most of the cruise ships offer board and room, non-alcoholic drinks, food, and on-ship entertainment in the price you pay upfront,  that is what you should expect. When it comes to specialty on-board activities such as high-end restaurant dining, spa treatment, and internet access plus the shore excursion, usually are charged as extras.

If you go for the high-end lines such as Seabourn Cruise Lines, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, and Silversea Cruises, their voyage includes everything, including shore excursions to alcohol, and staff gratitudes which are all included in the fares.  You have to remember that, most cruise charge a gratuity of a certain amount per person, per day, which is usually added to your final bill. So you have to budget for this in advance.

  • No privacy: The vessel size will determine your privacy. If you are on a mega-ship that carries over 3500 passengers, it will be hard to find a moment when you can enjoy privacy when you are outside your cabin.

If you want to enjoy a private vibe,  you will need to pick a ship that is either small or mid-sized – carrying about 800 to about 1499 or a boutique vessel that carries below 799 passengers. But while you will enjoy privacy in smaller ships, they lack anonymity, and thus, you should not expect to meet different people when you go for your breakfast every morning.

  • A lot of families: The romantic honeymoon vibes might be killed by kids crying when you are in the pool and cries of toddlers during your dinner. Most mega-ships attract families as they are much more affordable and have several kid-friendly amenities.

You can avoid the issue by booking an itinerary on a small luxury ship. The chances of having to share a snorkeling excursion with small kids are less likely going to happen when you are cruising on an all-suite luxury yacht.

Check out the pros and cons and decide if the honeymoon on a cruise is what you need, if not, then check out other options for a honeymoon destination at the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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