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The Bride’s Survival Guide: The Right People To Bring On Different Wedding Events

Are you already decided on the wedding dress to wear on your big day? If not yet, maybe it is time that you get up and decide. You do not have all the time in the world as days pass by swiftly especially if there is a big event coming.

With so many things to arrange and decide on, are you keeping a planner to make sure that everything will be attended to rightfully? If not, you are putting yourself in huge trouble. There are many ways that can make your wedding planning exciting, and one of which is having someone by your side as you are going to different vendors.

So, which is which to tag along when meeting up with different vendors and doing different wedding tasks? Here is a guide you can follow:

Wedding Registry

Who To Tag Along: Your partner

Okay, your gift registry is not just all about you but your partner as well. It is the two of you who will decide which gifts you want to receive at your wedding. You have to shop together things you want to receive and be used in your new home like the pans, towels, dishes, and pots. Make sure that you both agree to everything you include on the gift registry.

Bringing your parents or your friends when creating this will just open a lot of confusion. It is you and your soon-to-be spouse who will use it and not them.

Checking the venue

Who To Tag Along: Your partner, your parents (if they are the ones paying), and your wedding coordinator (if you have one)

This can be one of the most important vendors you have to meet up with. Bringing your partner is important as anyway, it is you and your partner who will be trying to know the coordinator is also a good idea to tag along as they know the right questions to ask and the right things to consider when choosing a venue. The coordinators can also help you in deciding whether the venue is the best place for you or you have to look somewhere else.

Your parents, since they are the ones in charge of paying the majority of your wedding expenses, you can let them come since the venue will take up a huge chunk of your budget.

Vendor meetings

Who To Tag Along: Your partner

To start with your vendors, it is highly recommended that you meet them all up in person with your partner. You and your partner should be able to decide on which among the vendors you meet you can sign a contract with. Do not take the signing of the contract in a rush, it is best if you bring the contract home first, discuss it again, then decide. You cannot sign any contract unless you are completely confident with the agreement. Once the contract is signed, you have to inform your wedding coordinator about it since they will coordinate with them as well. Some coordinators would like to read your contract so they know the agreement that transpired with your conversations with them.

If your parents are paying, and they want to come, you can let them come with you but just to warn you, the more people you are with, the more opinions you might get, making it harder for you to decide.

Venue To Take Engagement Photos

Who To Tag Along: Your partner and photographer

The venue where your engagement photos will be taken must be visited only by you, your partner, and your photographer, some also bring their hair and makeup artist, so they have an idea on the perfect hair and makeup to apply on the day of engagement photo taking. Bringing the artist may not be necessary if you are just in the midst of venue shopping, also photos of the venue are more than enough for them to decide on the right hairstyle and makeup to apply.

Same as when engagement photos are taken, you do not want to bring any chaperones or viewers to the said event as you may just have a hard time posing in front of the camera.

Attire Shopping

Who To Tag Along: Parents, wedding party, and/or a few close friends

You would not want your husband to join your shopping as it will kill the element of surprise. Sure, you want your husband surprised by the wedding dress you will wear. Having some of your closest friends or wedding party or parents is enough.

Bringing the entire gang may not be recommended, as you will just get confused with so many opinions and suggestions. Bring those you know have good taste and style.

You are not obliged to bring your wedding party here, as you can choose who you want to be with on this day. 

Food and cake tasting

Who To Tag Along: Your Partner

There is no one better to decide on the type of food to serve at your wedding than you and your partner, the same as with choosing the wedding cake flavor. You would not want anyone interfering with your opinions here, also, food tasting is most of the time only for two.

Just in case you want to tag your wedding planner along, just to get advice on the food flavor and table set up, you can ask your caterer if you can do so.

Wedding ring shopping

Who To Tag Along: Your partner

This is a no brainer, this session is exclusive for you and just your partner. There is no reason of inviting anyone else or asking for anyone’s opinion.

Makeup and hair do trial

Who To Tag Along No one!

Let the professionals do what they do best without anyone around. Go here solo and let these professionals do magic.

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