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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Things To Include On Your Wedding Gift Registry

As your wedding comes to close, your mind is bugling and your heart is pounding harder, the excitement, stress, and fear are all rumbling into your mind. Of course, it is not just the wedding day itself you are thinking about, it is not just your wedding dress, it is not just aiming to have a perfect wedding, but the things that will happen after that. When you get married, your life will change, not drastically but there are things in your lifestyle and old ways that need to be changed. Are you ready for it? Basically, you should be, as the moment you said yes to your partner, you are actually allowing things in your life to change.

If before, what you wanted was to have a new car, now things will change. It is not just what you want, but what you and your spouse want, do you and your spouse want to have a new car? The decision has to come from both of you and not just you alone. To practice this “me and you” thing, work on your wedding gift registry together.

It is not all for you to decide on which gifts to include on it, as you and your soon to be spouse should decide on it considering the gifts guests will give is for the both of you and not just for one of you.


What To Include On Your Wedding Gift Registry

You might not be decided yet on gifts to request on your gift registry, to help you with it, consider the following:

  • Coffee machine

There is no better way for you and your spouse to enjoy every morning, than drinking freshly brewed coffee together. This will give your kitchen a lift no other appliance can provide. Now, you do not need to go to a coffee shop to drink coffee, you can stay at the comfort of your home and make the most out of your time as a couple.

Also, having coffee together in the morning gives the couple a chance to open up and share an intimate conversation.

  • Luxury bedding

Yes please, bedding can give your room a nice kick. You and your spouse would really want to have lots of beddings at your house. Also, high-quality bedding can give you and your spouse the relaxation you need after the stressful wedding preparation and wedding day.

It does not matter if you already have one, as having a few more sets would never hurt.

  • Photo frames

Fill your home with photos of you and your spouse and hopefully, your kids. Photo frames come in different sizes, colors, and orientations, and hanging them on walls would surely give your house a homey feel.

  • Art

Photographs, paintings, or any other artwork would surely be a good gift to include on your gift registry. This work of art can accentuate your home and make it feel brand new. There are many artworks available in the market hence your guests would never have a hard time buying this type of gift.

  • A spa gift certificate

Your guests would surely understand why a spa certificate is included on your wedding gift registry. They know how tiring the wedding preparations were hence for sure they would be glad to give you a gift of relaxation. It is best if you point them to your favorite spa so you would not get disappointed with the service you will receive.

  • A cooking set

Sure, a cooking set would be a good idea too. As you change your life from being single to being married, you have to know that cooking should be a part of your everyday life. Asking for a cooking set would be a good start for new cooks and even those who actually like cooking.

Things You Need To Know About Gift Registry

So you are writing all the things you want to receive on your big day, but before you get so excited, here are some of the things you need to know about the gift registry.

  • Some guests will not even check on it

Okay, accept the fact that even how many times you tell your guests to check on your gift registry link, they will still not bother checking on it. There are some guests who will still buy gifts they want to give you. Or even how updated your gift registry is, expect that you might still receive a gift you hate.

  • Your guests are not obliged to give you a gift

The purpose of inviting guests to your wedding is not to accept or receive as many gifts as possible. You are inviting them because you want to share this happy moment with them. Their presence is more than enough for you to thank them. They can decide whether to give you a gift or not at your wedding.

  • You have to send your guests a thank you card immediately after they register

Once you confirm a guest gives a gift, send her/him a thank you message immediately. This thank you message is different from what you send all guests who come to your party. The thank-you message can be sent through the mail, through SMS, through a call, or you can say thank you in person.

  • You might receive exactly the same gift

Even how sure you are about your gift registry website, there is still a chance for you to receive exactly the same gift.

  • Check on it regularly

This is one of the things that couples fail to do. After they set up the gift registry they will leave it already. Couples should check on it regularly, and make updates when necessary. Taking a look at it once in a while would also let you know who to thank.

A wedding gift would be sweet but not necessary. Apart from it, there are so many things you have to know about your wedding, click here to know more: https://www.callablanche.com/post/bride-s-survival-guide

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