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Things to Look for in a Wedding DJ to Hire

Things to Look for in a Wedding DJ to Hire

Wondering what things do you need to look for in a wedding DJ to hire? Wedding is not only when the bride wears the best wedding dress but also a ceremony to bind the lives of the groom and bride. It is also the start of their life living together and building their own family. Because most wedding ceremonies are solemn, the mood and ambiance during the ceremony are calm and peaceful.  A party celebration or reception for the newly-wedded couple usually has more playful and fun atmosphere.

As a form of saying thank you to their guests, the couple organizes a reception program. There are a lot of things that would serve as entertainment during the program. This could establish the overall mood for the program. The food will always be part of this so the guests would not go hungry for the whole duration of the program. There are also speeches from people close to the bride and groom.

The couple can also opt for entertainment performances as a part of their program. It can be performed by close friends or family. This can be an act of dancing, singing, or many more. A couple can decide if they will be hiring a DJ for their reception program, or for an after-party if they plan to have one.

The DJ helps to set the overall mood of the program. This person will be the the one deciding which songs to play during the reception or after-party. As they say, lights and sounds help to establish mood, but without good music, it is all useless. So these are the things to look for in a wedding DJ to hire!

  • Has a Good Taste of Music

The primary work of a DJ is to prepare and manage the music for an event. It is important to have a DJ that has good taste in music because it will lessen the dry moments during the program. There is also music which is inappropriate to play during the reception program.

A couple can request songs that they want to be played during the program. But a DJ must always have his own music in case it will be needed. There are also effects that can be added by a DJ so the music will be more pleasing to the ears.

Things to Look for in a Wedding DJ to Hire

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  • Work Experience

DJ’s work is not as easy as some people think. A DJ must be mindful of everything that he does because he plays a great role in the reception program. It is important that he has background knowledge and an idea of what he is doing.

To avoid unexpected events during the program, a couple must look for a DJ that has a massive experience. This is important to avoid technical difficulties which is one of the major problems during a reception program.

  • Set of Equipment

Most of the DJs that are for hire do have their own set of equipment. This is important as their job will be easy when they are working with their own equipment. It can also lessen up the things that the couple needs to fix for the reception program.

Most of the DJs that have a complete set of equipment do their job perfectly. This is because the more equipment they are using, the more effects and styles of music they can make for the program. But it is also important that they know how to use the equipment that they own.

  • Music quality

The music quality of a DJ should be consistent to avoid technical difficulties. If a DJ is chosen to work for a reception program, he must play the music that is calm and a little bit fun to help set-up the mood. It is necessary for a DJ to have the best quality for music because it will be uncomfortable for the guests if the music quality is different from what they expect.

  • Attitude and Personality

A DJ must be responsive to his clients because the bride and groom would be needing to contact him from time to time. He must know how to collaborate with the people he is working with. A couple does have ideas and requests that the DJ must consider and do.

In the actual program, there are also guests who are requesting a song. A DJ must be respectful to the guests if they do request a song. He must know how to rightfully accept or reject the request.

  • Fee or the Amount to Pay the DJ

Couples do budgeting for their wedding because this is important so that they will know how much money they will be needing. It is important for couples to do a survey of different DJs on how much it will cost to have them at their wedding.

Although, their fees are a little bit expensive because of the equipment that they will be using and their job is not easy. A couple must see the breakdown of fees from the DJ before hiring them. A DJ must also do his best so that the fee that the couple paid him will be worth it.

  • Flexibility in work

A DJ’s work does not only end in providing music for the program. He must also learn to be flexible on what he is doing because he needs to collaborate with the person that will be operating the lights.

Both the lights and sounds help to establish the overall mood of the program. The DJ sometimes know how to work with lights. But if not, he must learn to collaborate with others so that the music that he will be playing will match up with the lights.

We hope this blog answered what things you need to look for in a wedding DJ to hire! There is so much to learn about wedding preparation, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for more tips!


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