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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Tips For A Honeymoon Cruise

Weddings are awesome. But after your wedding, what do you plan to do next? The excitement of your best wedding dress is gone now that the wedding celebrations are over. You are now married. It is time to bond with your partner and the best way to achieve that is through going for a honeymoon.  Is a honeymoon on a cruise ideal for you? Then read on.

Nowadays, more couples are going for a cruise honeymoon. You can sail across the seven seas, and it will be an exciting way to start your married life. Apart from offering itineraries that might lead to incredible destinations and paradise beaches, cruises tend to provide excellent value for money as they eliminate the need for booking hotels and purchasing food.

After you are through with the stress of organizing your wedding for months, there is nothing better than going for an economical, practical, as well as romantic trip to ensure that you recharge your energy, celebrating your special moment together.

The following tips will ensure that you get the honeymoon cruise of your dream:

  • Pick a cruise company that is compatible with your profile: Going on a cruise that is full of children or coming out from a trip that is meant for old age, when that is not what you intended to get from your cruise, might be like showering cold water on a chilly winter morning. The atmosphere that you get on board is essential if you want to succeed on your trip. So you will need to pick a cruise line that matches your profile.

Luxury companies such as Silversea, Celebrity Cruise, Crystal cruise, and Azamara do offer some unique experience onboard and an intimate atmosphere. If you are looking for a personalized experience,  Windstar and SeaDream do have great luxury yachts, and due to their small size, tend to offer a more private cruise onboard.

If you have been dreaming to have a honeymoon that has a relaxed and festive atmosphere, then check out the Royal Caribbean, Carnival, or the Norwegian Cruise Lines. In case you want a little of the Italian flavor, then choosing the MSC might be a good idea as it is known to have a family atmosphere.

If you don’t want to give up the fun, even while on your honeymoon, then the Disney Cruise line could be just for you. It offers a pleasant atmosphere for both children and adults. They have restaurants, swimming pools, and clubs that are exclusively for adults.

  • Go for exotic destinations: If the destination is less prevalent, then the chances of it being a more private one when you are in the ports of call. The Caribbean beaches tend to be incredible all year-round. If you travel in the region during the high season between December all through to April,  then it will be crowded.  It would help if you considered choosing destinations that are less disputed, yet no less heavenly like the Maldives, Seychelles, French Polynesia, and Fiji
  • Go for a ship that has areas that are exclusively for adults only: For a more romantic atmosphere. At the same time, onboard, several companies offer areas which are solely for adults and thus, under 21 don’t have access to it. in case you want to avoid going to pools that are full of kids or a group of singles who are in a party mood, you can seek refuge in the areas designated for adults only and enjoy yourself on a private yacht for you and your spouse.

Princess Cruises offer such spaces, Carnival’s Serenity, Disney’s Cruise Line, The Sanctuary, Quiet Cove Pool, Royal Caribbean’s, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Spice H20, and the MSC’s Top 18.  If you decide to go with the luxury company SeaDream, then you will also be able to enjoy booking a bed on the deck outside, allowing you to sleep under the starlight.

  • Go for a romantic Package: What about going to a cabin where you surprise your spouse with flowers, chocolate truffles, as well as champagne? Such small treats which are offered by some cruise companies might make your honeymoon cruise to be even more romantic. The packages can be booked in advance while making an online check-in, or immediately after you board the ship.
  • The ship should have flexible dinners: Most of the cruise companies do organize dinners in their main restaurants in fixed shifts; each couple is typically assigned to one of the two variations where they sit at tables that are shared by other passengers on the ship.

Although it is a system that provides for an opportunity to meet other travelers, on your honeymoon, you might prefer to have a priority dinner just for the two of you. Ensure you pick on a vessel that provides flexible dinners, where you can easily choose when you will have your dinner and with whom to dine.

Cruises that offer such arrangements include Princess Cruises with their Anytime Dining and the Freestyle Dining by the Norwegian Cruise Line. Others offering the service include Your Time Dining by Carnival Cruise, As You Wish Dining by Holland America Line, My Time Dining by Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity Select Dining by Celebrity Cruises.

  • You can replace wedding gifts with on the cruise extras: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney’s Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise, and the Norwegian Cruise give an incredible system which is generally known as Honeymoon Wishes, whereas wedding guests, allow you to choose gifts for the honeymoon trip, to make them unique.

As the bride and groom, you can pre-select items that you wish to get as gifts, such as casino credits, shore excursions, dinner in a specialty restaurant, premium beverage packages, spa, and massage treatments. The guests will be able to access the list on your registry online and choose whatever they wish to give you.

Make your honeymoon cruise special by embracing the above ideas. For more regarding honeymoon cruising, check the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


Photo by Vitaly Sacred

Photo by Colin Watts

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