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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Tips For A Successful Fall Wedding

There are a lot of ways to make a wedding happen. Nowadays, it is not only the church that can be a venue for a wedding. There can be a beach weddings and garden weddings. The bride can wear a beautiful wedding dress or can be a simple one, Couples can choose from a variety of theme for their wedding. This theme can be their basis for their overall plan because everything is associated with it. From the pre-nuptial shoot to the wedding ceremony until the reception program, everything and anything you see in a wedding are connected with the theme.

Some couples often choose a season for their wedding as the theme. There are couples who choose their wedding day to happen during the autumn season, winter season, spring season, or fall season. For couples who are in love with the beauty of nature, it is best for their wedding to happen during the fall season. Not only just for their love of nature but also for the beautiful sceneries and backgrounds when they are taking photos and videos.

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A fall wedding is ideal to be held in churches or in gardens. It can also be a theme for a beach wedding, but most couples who choose a beach as a location for their wedding are after the astonishing scenery and fine white sand. So most of the successful fall weddings are held in churches or in gardens. There are many things to consider and include in your wedding planner if you are aiming for a successful fall wedding.

Pre-Nuptial Shoot

Not all couples have their pre-nuptial shoot, but if a couple including this one in their wedding plan, they should consider things that will contribute to making their fall wedding successful.

  • The pre-nuptial shoot location for a fall wedding must be in a place where the fall season is happening. It is ideal for a couple to choose a forest, a garden, or any location that has many trees surrounding it.
  • The pre-nuptial shoot date is indeed an important thing to consider when eyeing for a successful fall pre-nuptial shoot. Of course, if the couple wants to feel the fall season, they must select a date that is included in the fall season.
  • The pre-nuptial shoot style includes the attire that the couple will be wearing and the photography style of the documentation team. The attire should complement the wedding theme.

Fall Wedding in Churches

Most people think that it is impossible for a fall wedding to happen in churches because of the enclosed location. But the reception program can be held outside the area where the fall season is vibrant. It is up to the couple and organizers to make the fall wedding a successful one.

  • Choose a church that has a wonderful outdoor view when it is the fall season

Because a church is an enclosed area, you can’t truly feel and see the effects of the fall. But you can, once you go outside the church.

If the church is surrounded by trees and the wedding did happen during the fall season, it will be wonderful to everyone’s eyes that the outdoor view of the wedding area is falling leaves and beautiful trees.

Some wedding also has a picture and video taken outside the church. It will be a great help in capturing fall wedding inspired photos and videos that can make the fall wedding successful.

  • Church decoration and flower choices

The fall season vibe can be seen inside the church when the decorations and flower choices are associated with the fall season. There are just minimal decorations done in churches because of the solemnity of it. Most of the church decorations are also made of flowers.

When choosing flowers, you have to look at their appearance and scent, if there is. It will be more of a fall wedding when the type of flowers are those that bloom during the fall season. The color of the flowers that will be used must also be complementary to the colors of the fall season.

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Calla Blanche 19252 Hazel @herenorth

Fall Wedding in Gardens

Fall weddings are mostly held in gardens because the fall season vibe can be more felt when outdoors.

Here are some pointers to consider when planning for a garden wedding during the fall season:

  • Choose a garden that is surrounded by plants and trees

A fall wedding will be more successful in the garden if it is surrounded by plants and trees. Because the leaves that will be falling from the trees and plants can serve as a decoration for the overall wedding ceremony.

Weddings that have a theme of fall season often have the venue covered with leaves. It may look messy for some but it is one of the things that would make a fall wedding successful.

  • Decide on attire, decorations, and flowers.

The attire of the guests would also be helpful in making a successful fall wedding. The guests must wear attires that can keep them comfortable.

Most of the garden weddings often have a lot of decorations to make the location more pleasing to the eyes. So, it is important to have decorations that are connected with the fall season.

The colors and types of flowers that will be used should also be included in the fall wedding plan. Because it will be more successful if it will be complementary to the fall season.

Reception Program

Because almost all weddings held in this modern time are followed by a reception program, the planning of the reception should also be connected to the season. The food, decorations, games, and even the wedding favors are best if connected with it.

The decorations must be inclined with the fall season. From table decorations to the booths that will be part of the program.

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