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Tips For A Successful Unplugged Wedding

Tips For A Successful Unplugged Wedding

Planning a phone free wedding and looking on tips for a successful unplugged wedding? Wedding is not always about fancy things, great food, an elegant wedding dress, expensive wedding favors, etc. It is also about tying the knot and a commitment that you and your partner will share. Wedding planning and preparation can be very stressful especially if you do not hire a wedding coordinator.

There are many advantages when you hire a wedding coordinator. However, there are a lot of things you won’t be able to experience if you do so. It is not only the wedding itself that can make you feel happy and excited. It is also the process of preparing your wedding. You may only experience wedding planning once in your life. For example, choosing a venue to celebrate your wedding, speaking with vendors, food tasting, and so on. If you hire a coordinator, you may not be able to experience all these.  Most of the time they do almost all the legworks in wedding preparation. Your job is only to approve or disapprove their work and wait for the result of their reviews and background checking.

One of the usual destructions of weddings are mobile phones. Everyone is so attached to their phones that they tend to forget that they are here to celebrate your wedding.

You might be wondering if it’s possible to have an unplugged wedding ceremony. With these tips you will plan a successful unplugged wedding!

  • Tell your photographers to be alert

Yes please, do not let your guests be tempted to bring out their phones to shoot photos. Tell your photographers that they should be very visible so when your guests want to take a photo of themselves, they can do it on their behalf. Your photographers should always be ready and highly observant especially that it is only their photos you are expecting for your wedding.

Tips For A Successful Unplugged Wedding

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Tell them that you do not want to miss any dramatic or special moment at the event so they better be alert.

  • Post the information on your wedding website

Your wedding website must include everything about your wedding, and this includes things you do not want them to bring or use on your big day. This is also a good way to make them prepare as they need to turn their phones off for a while until the wedding celebration is over. Also, this can give them a chance to read their emails, SMS before they reach the wedding venue and hide their phones.

By telling them ahead, they can inform their family and colleagues that they will remain unresponsive from the start until the end of your wedding. Make sure though that all details about your wedding are clearly stated on your wedding website to avoid confusion.

You may also let them know that they can still use their gadgets outside of the venue. There are some guests who cannot completely turn off their phones because of personal matters. Thus, they can just turn their phone to silent mode and just step out of the vicinity only when needed.

  • Have it noted in the ceremony program

Just in case they forget, remind them again by noting the ceremony program. Just for them to be reminded, it is best if you place the note either on the 1st or 2nd page of the program handouts. This will let them be reminded and at the same time aware that you are serious about this request. You can note a simple message like “as we want to celebrate an intimate and peaceful wedding, we are asking everyone to please keep their phones from the start of the wedding ceremony up until the end of the reception”.

  • Weddings signs is another good idea

Wedding signs are best to place in areas that are highly visible to everyone. You can place it in the receiving area, on the tables, and so on. If this you do, they will definitely find it uneasy and embarrassing to use their phone any time during the wedding.

  • Have someone to check on the area vigilantly

Hire or have someone to go around the venue from time to time to catch anyone using their phones. Sure, they are not there to the police or to guard everyone nor embarrass anyone from not following instructions. They are there only to remind them of your favor. Sure, guests will give in to what you want, it is your wedding after all.

Just to be fair with everyone, you can have one or two from your wedding coordinators to do it. Your friend may play a bit bias and may feel shy policing your relatives.

  • Just go with it

If there are two or three from the crowd who keep on taking photos even after getting a notice, then let it go. Honestly, it is very annoying but sometimes you have to let things slide. It is your wedding. Thus you don’t need to stress because of the two people who keep on violating the law. Keep it cool anyway, more people are for sure following your request.

We hope these tips for a successful unplugged wedding will help you be less stressed. If you want to have a completely organized wedding, you need to plan ahead and make sure that everything is ready to go. Check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide for more wedding tips and planning ideas!


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