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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Tips for choosing Wedding Make up

You want to look dashing for the camera. Why would you not? This is your big day, and brides dazzle! Apart from selecting a fetching gown, choosing accessories and choosing the right hairstyle for the wedding. There is a big part of it that involves staying beautiful and dazzling all day long. That is makeup. Well done makeup will keep you fresh all day.

You can choose to do your own makeup for that, and we will discuss a few tips to follow if you choose to do this. However, you can also look for a bridal makeup package and get professional services. Now, if you want your wedding photos to be perfect, you can have a makeup package that incorporates your bridal party. However, it can mean increasing your budget for makeup. There are several factors that can affect the cost of makeup. These are:

The size of the bridal party 

It’s your special day, and you can choose to have your flower girls, bridesmaids and some members of your family included in the bridal beauty package. These extra people will mean an addition to the overall cost as you can require several makeup professionals. You can reduce the cost by reducing the number of people included in the package.

Test makeup

It is good to have makeup trials before the big day. This will come in handy, choosing the best makeup for the wedding. The trial makeup can be included in your package.


You may require false lashes to accentuate your wedding look. This will mean that the beauty package will cost a lot more. If you include a few members of the bridal party in this, the cost will also go up.

The length of time of offering the service

It is normal for a bride to request the makeup professional to stay throughout the wedding. This ensures that there is someone to do a few touch-ups and keep the makeup fresh. If a professional gets to stay for the entire duration of the wedding, it will affect your budget for makeup.


The makeup artist will typically charge you if they have to travel either to get to the wedding. If a stay at a hotel is an option, you will also need to include those fees in your package.

Now you know the few things that can affect the cost of getting your makeup done for the big day. You do not want to leave anything to chance on your big day. Remember to do the following to ensure that you choose the best service for the day.

  1. Read and score through as many reviews as possible. Even if you got a recommendation from a close family member or friend, ensure that you check out the makeup artists reviews from other brides who give a detailed review based on experience.
  2. Review their portfolio: It should contain pictures of brides and bridal looks they have been able to create over the years since they began. You can even use the portfolio shown to you to choose your ideal look for the day.
  3. Check on the products used: It is good to look at the products that the artists use. This is more so if you have sensitive skin; you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your face on your wedding day due to oversight.
  4. Have test makeup done: You cannot assess how well a person performs by looking at their pictures only, you need to see them at work. You need to know what they can deliver first hand.


You have looked at several professional packages, and you are still not convinced, and you want to do your own makeup for the big day? We have a few tips that you can follow in this case:

  1. You need to start to practice early: This is an important aspect of the wedding, and you do not want to put it off until the last minute.
  2. If you have not, start going for facials several times a month to get the perfect glowing skin.
  3. Set up a room where you get your makeup done in peace and comfort to achieve the perfect look.
  4. It is good practice to use a primer after you moisturize your skin. Using the primer helps to smoothen out fine lines as well as help get the skin ready for makeup.
  5. You also need to focus on the eyes by using a different primer for the eyelids. Here, it is recommended that you use a neutral-toned primer, it can be bone or nude that helps in evening out any discoloration.
  6. You need to ensure that you pick the right foundation.
  7. You should not use any products with SPF as they can affect the quality of your wedding photos. This is also the case with finishing powder or sparkly products.
  8. Using waterproof mascara will keep it in place when it gets hot or through those emotional moments.
  9. Use the setting spray as it will help your makeup last longer. Also, use blotting paper to absorb oil from the skin as opposed to reapplying powder.

With these few tips, you can look radiant on your big day.

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