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How To Plan an All-Black Wedding

How To Plan an All-Black Wedding

Do you want to plan an all-black wedding? There are many themes to consider for your wedding. You can go for a wide range of colors. From bright and colorful like green, pinks and oranges to dark and moody, like black too. Some think that black is not a color for weddings but actually, it is. You can even wear a black wedding dress if you wish. If after all the pushbacks of your family and relatives you still want to keep that black wedding theme, just do it.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate black on your wedding day without spoiling its beauty and intimacy. If you still want to stick with this option, here are some ideas on how to plan an all-black wedding!

  • Black chairs and tables in a natural set up

Sure, this can be the most dramatic scene you will see. Beautiful black chairs and table runners placed in the middle of the green grass. Very beautiful and can give your wedding reception a scene guest’s never thought is possible.

  • Berry boutonnieres

Give your groomsmen beautiful dried berries as their boutonnieres. This is a great idea to give your black themed wedding an elegant and unique touch.

  • Black invitations

Gone by the days when you need to consider only white or peach on your wedding invitation envelopes. Therefore, if you want to keep your wedding theme black, let your guests know about it by sending them invitations suited in a black envelope. If your guests receive it, they will automatically assume that you are looking for a romantic, beautiful, and moody type of wedding.

How To Plan an All-Black Wedding

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  • Tall black candles

How beautiful it is? Tall black candles on top of white tables and surrounded by colorful flowers. This is a good idea as it can make the candlelight the center of the attraction of your wedding centerpiece.

  • Black plates

Why not go for black plates? This indeed is a great idea and can give your guests a good appetite.

If you want to add a touch of color to your dining tables, you can choose black and white plates instead, the contrast between black and white is always a champ.

  • Celestial cakes

You might have heard about celestial designs in decor and fashion. Thus, why not incorporate it on cakes? To make your celestial cake more appealing use black candles. This would indeed make a cake everyone has been dreaming of taking a photo and slicing.

  • Add beautiful berries to your bouquet

Why not? Blackberries will surely give your bouquet a more beautiful touch. This can also add contrast to the usual colors of flowers. You would never get disappointed considering this option. If you want, you can have your wedding party have it too.

  • Black accessories

Using black on the small details of your wedding accents is a good idea too. You can have it use black on the table numbers, menu, and so on.

  • Black wedding cake

This may sound a bit weird for others, but once flowers are placed on it, the beauty of the cake will float. You can add a splash of white to the cake for added design and beauty.

  • Black table setting

Using a dark palette is without a doubt something to consider. Go for black linens, and pair it up with gray flatwares. This will give your table setting a beautiful twist no other color palette can offer.

  • Black utensils

Throw the idea of a silver spoon and go for a black utensil. This is definitely cool especially if you choose matte.

  • Black table runners

Imagine how black table runner blends to white seat covers and white plates. It will surely give your wedding a clean, fresh, and modern appeal. Your wedding photos will have great shots with this style.

  • Black menu holder

What else is the event’s main focus than food? Give your guests a chance to take a glimpse of what food is in store for them through your menu kept in a black holder. Your guest’s appetite would hype up for sure.

  • Go for poppies

Not the most popular wedding flower choice because of its dark center. However, if you want to stay away from the norm, why not use it on your bouquet? It will surely give your wedding bouquet a twist no other flower arrangement can offer.

  • Black patterned centerpiece

When choosing a centerpiece go for those that have black patterns. This clever choice will surely let your guests know that you are up for a unique and different style and taste.

  • Edgy

Yes, it can give your wedding an edgy appeal only black can provide. The edginess of the color black is more than enough to give your wedding a gothic appeal.

  • It is unique

Yes for sure as not everyone goes for the black wedding theme. Actually, it is very rare that couples go for this option. Anyway, why would you want to be on the same boat with the majority if you can make your wedding unique and one of a kind? Thus, having a unique wedding can surely make guests remember your special day for a long time.

With these easy steps you can plan a memorable all-black wedding! For more wedding themes, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide!


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