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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Tips In Choosing The Best Wedding Video Production Firm

Finding the right video production firm is as serious as your search for the best photographer, best wedding dress, best venue and the like. Their videos will make you remember every detail of your wedding that you may or may not witness. Their video creations will make you remember the vows you shared, the speeches of your best man and maid of honor, and the sweet messages delivered by your most loving parents.

Unlike still photos, videos will make you remember the event in a more clearer versions. It is not just the facial expression and the tears of your guests that can make you moved on this special occasion but the laughter, speeches, and conversations that only in video you can see and watch.

Going back to hiring a video production company, this activity should never be done in a rush, it deserves your time and full attention. Your photos won’t move but your videos will, so the videographers you should hire must be quick, attentive and moving all the time, or else, you might end up getting videos of scenes you actually see and witnessed or videos that you are actually not interested to play again and again.

Knowing how crucial their roles are on your wedding, hiring the best video production firm is nothing but necessary.

If you are still lost on ways on how to find the best vendor to trust, read this article.

Tips To Consider When Choosing The Best Wedding Video Production Firm

So, here are some of the things to consider when choosing a production firm to trust.

  • Ask for recommendations

Ask friends, relatives or colleagues who tied the knot recently. Ask if they can recommend a video production company that could capture the best moments at your wedding. Two things, they may highly recommend you the video production company they hired or they will ask you to look for a different company. Their recommendations should count as they are giving their suggestions based on their personal experience. And for sure, they would never want to break your heart so they will say things based on facts, nothing else.

  • Meet them in person

Do not get satisfied with over the phone discussions or videos you see on their website, you have to make sure that you meet them in person and discuss your expectations. Also, it is best if you have a good connection with your videographers. You will be spending a long time with them, not only during the wedding but pre-nup as well. And building a good relationship with them can help you a lot in acting naturally and comfortably in front of the camera.

  • Visit their portfolio

Video production companies have a style of their own, checking on their portfolio and deciding which one is best and most suitable to what you want to achieve is a good idea. Some of the popular styles of videographers are fun party films, narrative, classic cinematic stories, or emotional videos.

Know what is your goal and from there you can filter who among the companies would be best for you to hire.

  • Discuss your goals to the film company

What would you like to achieve on your wedding video? Do you like a short summary video of about three to five minutes? Or you want an edited video of the entire wedding? Do you like a drone to capture videos from the sky?

It is highly important that you discuss to the company your goals so they can assess whether they can work on your requirements or not. By setting your expectations, you can filter the companies you can hire and which you have to remove on your list.

  • Discuss your timelines

Another important factor to discuss with your videographers are the timelines. When do you want your videos produced, time of your wedding, how long do you need them on site, do you like pre nup video? If so, when do you want it. Make sure that your film company knows all the timelines they need to follow. They will be the one to decide whether they are available on those dates or they need to negotiate.

  • Read your contract carefully

Reading contracts is another important thing couples should remember, not only for contracts of production films but all vendor’s contracts so to speak. Also, when they presented you a contract, it is not your obligation to sign it right away. You can still bring the contract home, read it carefully, and decide. If there are questions you want to ask, raise it; if there are some hesitations, say it.

Contract signing will give you all the opportunity to contest on whatever information is written there. Do not immediately agree to contracts, as there are times that companies do not verbally disclose all information that is written there.

Also, this is your time to compare one offer from another. It is best if you ask 2 to 3 companies to send you a proposal. The more proposals you have on hand, the harder it is for you to decide.

  • Stop micromanaging

Yes please, these people are well educated, experienced and versatile, there is no need for you to micromanage their work. It is sometimes best if you give them trust. These professionals actually can work better if they are given the freedom to move around and strategize. Instead of giving them step by step instructions, give them what you want to achieve and let them do what they do best.

There are many companies offering production filming and almost all of them have great ideas and experience to share with their clients. You would not want to limit their expertise and make them do only what you ask them for.

Moving on, there are many things you need to know about your wedding preparation. Do not miss on any to ensure a fun wedding celebration. To know more tips, here is a guide for you to follow: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/



Photo by Leo Foureaux

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