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How to Choose The Right Pieces Of Jewelry

How to Choose The Right Pieces Of Jewelry

Wondering how to choose the right pieces of jewelry for your big day? Apart from the wedding dress, it is the jewelry that can make the bride look stunning. At weddings, one of the things that most people get excited about is the final bride’s look. For example, what is her wedding dress, her accessories, hairstyle and makeup, and so on.

With all these expectations, a bride can definitely get nervous. Of course, they do not want to disappoint their guests, so they will do their best to look stunning.

Finding jewelry to wear may not be the easiest, as there are a lot of things one must consider.

There are many reasons why you have to be very picky with your jewelry. These tips tips will help you choose the right pieces of jewelry!

  • It brings added beauty to the bride

One of the reasons why the bride wears jewelry is for added appeal. This can give any wedding gown an exquisite look. Even how simple the wedding gown is, if paired with beautiful pieces of jewelry, it will become beautiful as well.

  • Cultural significance

Some of the jewelry the bride wears at her wedding is to symbolize different traditions. It gives significance to every part of the wedding ceremony, like the engagement ring.

How to Choose The Right Pieces Of Jewelry

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  • Personal connection

Another reason for wearing jewelry is to give life to the couple’s personal connection. The bride may wear the beautiful necklace her groom gave her on their 1st out of country trip.

  • It can create indelible memories

When the relationship of the married couple gets tough, they can look back on the set of jewelry that the bride wears on their most special day, and recall how things started between them. This can give them a sweet memory that can make everything worthwhile and right.

Moving on, there are many good ways you can do to make the jewelry selection not only easy but successful too. To help you know more about it, read below:

  • Do not overdo it

Because of the bride’s excitement, she tends to wear all her collection of jewelry. It is your wedding so make sure that your jewelry does not outshine you at all. The guests went to your wedding not to look at how many pieces of jewelry you wear but how happy you are on that special day. Avoid putting accessories to almost all parts of your body, your right, and left arm, your neck, ears, and so forth. If this you do, things will look unnatural and unfortunately, ugly.

  • Consider your wedding gown when choosing jewelry to wear

Remember it is the jewelry that should adjust to your wedding gown and not the other way around. Choose jewelry that would match perfectly on your wedding gown. Mismatching the accessories to your wedding gown will make you look ugly. There are some brides because they cannot decide whether to go for silver or gold would go for both. But just so you know, if this you do, you might end up destroying the beautiful look of your gown.

If you do not know the right jewelry to match your wedding gown, you are free to ask the experts. Do not push for something you have no idea about as that will spoil your overall look big time.

  • Check your dress neckline

Your wedding dress neckline plays a huge role when choosing the jewelry you will wear on your big day. Consider it and choose which one would fit your dress. There are also some necklines that do not require a necklace but instead a nice hairpin, a bracelet, or something else.

Same as discussed above, if you do not know what to wear then best ask a professional.

  • Relax

Sure, choosing the wedding gown to wear on your big day can be so stressful, hence letting the jewelry options stress you as well is not a good idea at all. Relax, breathe in and out. If you are losing ideas, you can wear your simple necklace and pair it up with diamond earrings. If you have a lot of jewelry in your jewelry box, pick those that you love to wear during special occasions.


  • Make sure that you prioritize comfort

Remember, you will wear jewelry all day long, so you have to make sure that it is very comfortable to wear like it is not there. You would not want to check on your bracelet from time to time to see if it is loose or scratch your neck often because the material of your necklace is irritating you. You have to make sure that you are prioritizing comfort at all times.

Do not worry, there are so many jewelry options available, and not all of them are heavy, scratchy, and loose.

  • Always think about the price

If you are planning to buy a piece of jewelry, make sure it is within what you can afford. Do not buy too expensive jewelry if you do not afford it. There are so many expenses to think about in a wedding, and buying jewelry is not something that you should be adding to it.

Needless to say, if you really need to buy one, make sure to choose from options you can afford.

  • Consider jewelry you can use again

In addition to the above, the jewelry you have to buy should be something you can use again, may it be during special occasions or everyday wear. This can give you the opportunity to hit two birds with one stone.


With these tips you will easily choose the right pieces of jewelry. There are a lot of things one should think about her wedding. Want to know more? Check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide!


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