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The Bride’s survival guide: Top qualities to search for in your bridesmaids

If you are busy preparing to put together your bridal party, then the following might be of help. It is a compilation of some of the qualities which you have to look out for in whoever you want to be included in your bridal party.

  • Honesty: You want to be surrounded by honest people. While support and optimism are good for some parts of your wedding planning, you also need girls who will tell you things when necessary. If your hair is off, you want them to be honest and tell you exactly that and not to realize it when the wedding photos are out.

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  • A helping hand: Someone who can help in the planning of the event might be a character to look out for. You will appreciate the extra hand to plan your wedding. Trying menus out and going to dress fittings will require someone to help you in deciding the best out of the many. Trying out the cake with someone else could be a plus and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Escort to the toilet: As the party starts and your nerves are on the edge, nature might just come calling. Having a bridesmaid who will hold your dress while you go to the toilet is something that you will appreciate. The truth is that you cannot hold all those layers on your bridal dress all by yourself and thus, you need someone who will willingly do it without complaining later.
  • A listening ear: As a bride, it is important you have someone’s shoulder to lean on. Listening to your wedding worries is an area where the bridesmaids need to excel. With the approach of the wedding day and you receive blue napkins instead of the white you ordered for, it might force you to cry. Having a friend who is sympathetic around you is what you need at this particular moment.
  • Ply with something to calm the nerves: In those crucial getting ready moments, prosecco, or anything that will calm you down might be what you require. You might get nervous before saying I do and your bridesmaid feeding you with prosecco is one of the popular ways of ensuring you calm down. Most likely you will not say no to it as it will calm your nerves.
  • Party planner: Celebrating your engagement is a very big deal and organizing a hen do that is memorable can be an overwhelming task. You can get it right by having a bridesmaid who is a party planner and it will leave you in love with her forever. It will be extra credit if the maid of honor you settled for took upon herself and organized several hen do parties.
  • The extra mile: A bridesmaid who finds time during the wedding day morning to add some finishing touches to the reception will ensure that you get indebted to her forever. Checking and ensuring that the flowers are arranged properly and that every table has confetti, though seems to be little, are things you will greatly appreciate.
  • Supermums: Getting a bridesmaid who can do everything that they are required to do even while being a mother is a plus. As a supermom, they can make decorations, send out invites, and organize the seating plans while even being pregnant. This can be the best part of having such strong women in your bridal party.
  • To be just herself: It is important that the bridesmaids you choose to be the original them. All you require from them is for them as best friends, to be there behind you, for you, as you walk down the aisle. Stand by your side as you get married, making it a little bit more special.
  • They have to be reliable: The bridesmaid you choose ought to be reliable. You don’t want a bridesmaid who is flaky in your bridal party. Choose relatives and friends whom you know are reliable from your experience with them. They should be people who can easily manage responsibilities, respect your time, and communicate promptly whenever possible.
  • Love: You need to be surrounded by people who love you throughout your journey as you plan your wedding up to the D-day. No need to have frenemies or those with bad blood – leave them out of your bridal squad. If there is one who does not support your union, they should not escort you to the altar.
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