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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Traveling Internationally For The First Time As A Married Couple

Of the various adventures, you are going to take in your married life, the one that you take immediately after removing your wedding dress with your spouse will be the most adventurous of them all. It will be fulfilled, as well as the most challenging and scary.

It is time to toast to embarking on a marriage journey with a wonderful trip that you take away from home. If you decide to travel internationally to seek adventure for the first time as a married couple, culinary palettes, and interesting cultural dynamics, which tease your taste buds might be waiting for you.

If, since you were born, you have never traveled internationally, it might feel not very safe to go on a flight or a ship cruise. The fear should not be a hindrance to your enjoyment and adventure. Remember, you have just walked down the aisle and promised that you would forever be by your partner’s side.

Just the way you were brave enough to fall in love, declaring a commitment to one another, you should not be afraid to throw yourself, out of your comfort zone when it comes to traveling. With a travel buddy that will be there for you throughout your life, it is going to be a memorable trip that you will be able to narrate to your generations to come.

To make sure that you are going to have a smooth experience, you should follow the below strategies regarding traveling internationally for the first time on your honeymoon.

  • Your paperwork has to be sorted out: The truth is that talking about paperwork is not a sexy topic, but it will make your international traveling for the first time easy. You will require to have a passport to leave your country, and from the time you apply to the time it is to be approved, you need to give yourself at least two months.

According to travel experts, the passport is the most important document that you have to pack, and you will need to handle it with care. Depending on the country in which you are adventuring, you might require a visa to gain entry.

Ensure to research before booking so that you understand the costs that are associated with and the waiting period. While there are countries in which it is easy to obtain a visa, others have a long waiting period.

Though it is very hard for your passport to get stolen, traveling with caution should be exercised so that you have a back for all the documentation just in case. Make a few copies of your passport and other important documents; one should be on you, one saved on your phone while the other one should be with a friend or relative whom you trust back at home.  It is also important that you print other information in case there will be a need to check on it, and you don’t have phone service. It includes flight information, hotel reservation, tour booking, and anything else.

  • Find out your budget: Nowadays, several couples pay for wedding celebration expenses, making the financial cost even bigger. If you have just used a lot of money on your special day, you must have discussions around your honeymoon budget.

You should, at all costs, avoid going into debt to sponsor your flying out for your honeymoon. Apart from setting up for a future that is comfortable together, it is also going to help to set your expectations.

Figure out how much you should spend on your honeymoon on shopping,  accommodation, and dining, and deciding on everything before you fly out. If you find out that there is a lot of money to be spent without any understanding before the honeymoon, it will be hard for the partner to do that to bring out the issue during the honeymoon. Thus, disagreement and friction might ensue and spoil the honeymoon.

There is a need for a general understanding of what both of you are thinking regarding the expectation of spending that is discretionary before you leave for your honeymoon.  It might good to have an emergency fund as you might not predict what is ahead of you, and having some spare money will get you out of any sticky situation.

It is hard for honeymoon plans to go astray, but at times it does happen, and you should be prepared for anything. It could be as simple as putting some money aside in the event a flight is canceled or a hotel reservation change at the last minute.  It is common to have misplaced or lost luggage, and thus, you will want to have the necessities in case of an off chance that you are missing clothing or toiletries for part of your trip.

  • Schedule activities but not everything: As honeymooners doing your first trip internationally, it will be best to make advanced basics. You have to ensure that hotels, flights, transportation to and from the airport, and all the other required tickets are reserved. Especially if your honeymoon is taking you to a great tourist spot, there will be a need to reserve your entrances to attractions way in advance so that you are sure you are going to experience them.

It will be good if you have a basic outline of the places which you would want to see so that you can plan your time well. By doing that, you are going to alleviate a lot of stress of any bus or train tickets ahead of time, creating a quick map of the route you intend to take based on how you have structured your itinerary.

Everything you do should be tentative to leave room for surprises and spontaneity. There should be free time to sleep in late, to explore, stay in bed the entire day, or lose yourself in the city, as they are some of the special ways you can connect in your romantic getaways.

During the honeymoon, there could be a time when you don’t require to have any particular schedule and spontaneously decide on doing something else that you happen to find to be of interest once you spend a day at your destination.

There is no need to fear to go for that adventurous honeymoon. Get on board with your spouse and enjoy the moment. For more tips regarding the honeymoon, check out the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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