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Types Of Honeymoon Styles To Choose From

Types Of Honeymoon Styles To Choose From

Looking for types of honeymoon styles to choose from? Just the way options for choosing your best wedding dress are endless, so are the honeymoon style choices. Are you planning to go on a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa? Or have you always dreamt of going to experience the American road trip and be able to see the Grand Canyon? Or you could be that type of a newlywed who wants to sit back, relaxing on the white sandy beach, enjoying the rolling waves drown all your worries as you sip on your strawberry daiquiri?

A honeymoon needs to be a unique vacation. It should encapsulate the feeling of the moments of magic being in the air, with romance surrounding you from all corners, uniqueness, restful relaxation, accomplishing your backlist to do things, and enjoying the adventure.  That is what it should be made of. Whichever way, a honeymoon ought to be special and a time that is memorable in your life.

The planning of the wedding and the wedding celebrations are over. It is now time to reminisce about how beautiful your wedding was and start dreaming of how your future together is going to unfold!

Check these ideas to find out which types of honeymoon styles you can choose from!

  • City honeymoon

A city honeymoon has several possibilities for your couple. For example, art, museums, shopping, history, fine dining, markets, and a large budget to go with it. You will need to find a large city which both of you have never been to before and then plan out your city’s honeymoon.

With big cities, it means that the price will be high. It comprises of streets that are busy, crowded sidewalks, and big-city blocks. You will need to do a balancing act between the desire to do and see it all as well as taking some time off to relax alone with your spouse.

Types Of Honeymoon Styles To Choose From

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  • Beach honeymoon

Calling all beach bum, those who worship the sun, and anyone who needs to relax as they rest from the hassle and bustle of the wedding preps. If you want a relaxing honeymoon, then going for the beach option could be the best way to go. It might be the most stereotyped spot that is hot for a honeymoon, especially if you settle for the sunny beach getaway.

Most honeymooners prefer going to a destination beach resort like Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. In case your budget is good, you can fly to the beaches in Thailand. You can opt for Koh To, Brazil’s Fernando de Noro nha, or Massachusetts’ Nantucket. Waves, white sands, ice-cold bevy, and sun are what you are going to enjoy at the beaches.

You also have to ensure that you have done your homework well. Thus, make sure that the resort you select will blend well with your interests. If not, you will have two long weeks of food that are of poor quality,  poor sleep, and poor service.

  • Adventure honeymoon

If both of you like to seek adrenaline, and just laying on the beach throughout the week without doing anything is not your cup of coffee, then look for a more adventurous honeymoon.

Perhaps an African Safari, the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Costa Rica’s rain forest zip line, or even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. You can as well visit Kenya to view the Wilder beast migration, which is one of the wonders of the world that happens every year.

With an adventurous honeymoon, you should be ready for long flights and trip times that are long. You will have to spend more money. If you have a constrained budget, you should think of honeymooning in a season when the prices are lower.

  • Theme park honeymoon

Is it possible that both of you have great memories about some childhood vacations that you made in Disneyland, and you cannot wait to go back to enjoy a Mr. Toad Wild Ride? Then going for a honeymoon to Anaheim or Orlando is what you need to do. Universal Studios, Walt Disney, Harry Potter, and Sea World theme parks will make you laugh all through as you enjoy the good times.

You will have your memories as kids as you enjoy your honeymoon together. Both Florida and California are close to the city and the beach.

Though theme parks tend to have great fun, in case you choose the wrong season, you will get long queues. Moreover, it can be too hot, or even too cold and so many kids running around the place.

  • Old world romance honeymoon

Rose petals, candles on the bed, and a lot of love notes. If you want a fairytale romantic honeymoon, choose Europe, which is full of the old romantic architecture.

It gives out the perfect atmosphere to enjoy and stay in medieval castles while taking romantic strolls down the cobblestone streets, feeding Choquette to one another, or just listening to the French, Spanish, or Italian languages of the locals.

For such an experience, Spain, Italy, and France top the list of honeymoon for old-world romance destinations. Get a great town, rent an awesome vintage convertible, and start exploring. Smaller towns in Europe will mean that you will have fewer options for what you can do. It might be good if you go for shorter trips. Additionally, going to Europe means long flights and a long trip length. Costs can escalate, especially during high season, and thus, the need to plan accordingly.

Which types of honeymoon styles do you think you will choose from? To explore more about each of the honeymoon styles to choose from, check out The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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