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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Unconventional Wedding Ideas

There are so many reasons why you have to make your wedding one of a kind and unique. Gone by the days when you need to follow traditions and norms. Now you can decide on your own and be as creative as you can possibly can. Sure, you still have to look stunning in your wedding dress and you still need to make your guests happy, but this time, you can make it your way.

Going by what has been till now, used to be okay, but giving your wedding some creative and unique touch is best. Do not worry, because you will make your wedding unique it will be a bit expensive, and there are a lot of ways you can enjoy a unique wedding without the need of spending thousands of dollars.

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Some Unconventional Wedding Tips You May Want To Consider

Things in life are changing, so as to how people treat weddings. Of course, you can decide to go with the flow but making some bit of changes can make your wedding more memorable and one of a kind.

There are actually a lot of ideas where you can make your wedding unique, and to name some of them, read below:

  • Guest Box

Scrap the book where your guests would write their names and messages to the couple and have a guest box where they can record their messages instead. This way, your guests can express their messages better. You have to make sure though that there is enough memory space on the guest box so everyone’s message can be recorded.

Also, if possible, instead of having just one guest box, best to prepare 2 to 3 of them.

  • Give the reception bathroom a lift

Why not? Among the most neglected parts of the wedding venue is the bathroom but if you will come to think of it, it is the most used. Giving it a touch of your wedding theme is without a doubt a great idea. Make the bathroom an extension of the wedding venue anyway it is really an extension and a place where your guests would also visit.

Do not let your bridesmaids take photos of themselves in a plain bathroom, give them a nice and wedding-themed space to capture great photographs.

  • Jenga guest book

Another cute and unconventional way to let your guests write down a message for you and your spouse is through Jenga pieces. Definitely creative, cute, and something they would remember for a long time.

  • A personalized coloring book to make kids busy

Instead of the traditional coloring books you see at the wedding, make it personalized. Like you can have your initials printed on it, your cake, and so forth. There are many apps where you can easily print such.

  • Instead of a pillow, go for a ring bearer’s box

Gone by the days when ring bearers bring the couple’s ring in a pillow, make your own ring box, and be a bit more creative. This is also a better idea especially for couples who want to safeguard their rings a lot better.

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Calla Blanche 19250 Tonilynn @puntoblumedia

  • Cue cards for the guests

Isn’t it funny if you have someone in the background showing cue cards on what the guests need to react or do? Some of the phrases to be placed on the cue cards are “forced laughter”, “dramatic moment”, and so on. Although its intention is not really to ask the guests to do what is written on the cards but only to add humor to the event.

  • Ice cream trucks

Why not? Everyone loves ice cream and having an available ice cream truck at your wedding is indeed a great idea. Let your guests fall in the queue and order their favorite ice cream flavor. Same as how they are ordering on the usual ice cream trucks, the only difference is they do not need to pay here.

  • A cake buffet

This is indeed a sure fire for your sweet-tooth guests. Make sure though that there are enough flavors of cakes they can choose from. You can ask the caterer to cut the cakes to think slices so even guests get their slices it will still look neat and presentable.

  • Picnic blankets on the wedding reception

Instead of forcing tables and chairs, why not set up a picnic blanket instead. What made this a good choice is it a lot cheaper than renting tables and chairs. Let your guests feel relaxed as they watch your wedding program.

  • Polaroid booth

Why not hire a photo booth if there is a Polaroid photo booth available for your guests to access and use. This can give your guests more time to interact and enjoy interactive activities. Make sure though that you prepare enough stuff for them to use as they take their photos.

  • Mimosa bar for brunch or morning weddings

Who said that you cannot drink alcohol when your wedding happens in the morning? This mimosa bar will surely give a nice touch to your daytime wedding.

  • Have your guests video themselves

Pass around flip cams and let your guests video themselves. If they have messages, they can also share it here. Same as with the guest box, it is best if you have two to three flip cams available to be passed on.

This is also a good excuse for not hiring a videographer.

  • Ring bearer wearing like he is a security agent

The ring bearer’s attire is not only limited to the traditional style of suit, as now he can play the role of a security agent making sure that the rings will be delivered safely to the couple. This is a very cute idea.

There are a lot of ways you can make your wedding cool, different, and unique. Doing all these can let you enjoy a wedding full of great and fun memories. If you are still looking for great wedding ideas, here is a link you can follow: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


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