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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

In this modern time, a wedding celebration is not complete without the reception proper. The wedding is being held in churches or to any other venues, the reception after the wedding is just a program to celebrate as the couples tied the knots. Also, a wedding reception is held to celebrate the special day with their family and friends. The type and style of a wedding reception depending on what the couple wants, just like the bride choosing her wedding gown to wear. There could be a lot of unique wedding reception ideas that can be done after the wedding.

Wedding Reception Ideas That Are Very Unique

Couple’s home

First is that there are a lot of locations and places to hold the program properly during the reception. A reception can be held in the comfort of the couple’s home. The foods and settings of the program may depend on the couple’s preparation.

The family may help them in preparing the foods and the settings. But this would require a lot of effort because everything in the reception would depend on their own. When the couple chooses to do the reception with the help of their family in their home, the food that they can prepare can be their specialties.

The taste and outcome of the food they want to serve will be depending on them. The creativity of the family and friends of the couple would also be shown if the couple would choose this reception idea. Everything that makes the place wonderful for the program proper is in the hands of their family members. But on the other hand, they could also hire catering services and event organizers to set-up your home for the reception program properly.

Most of the catering services offer a combination of foods that can satisfy the couple’s guests. And they are also assigned to decorating and setting up the table depending on their clients’ recommendations. The event organizers are assigned in setting up the overall design of the venue. They will just be needing and asking for the theme of the wedding and give their clients sample designs for them to approve. The program that will also be happening can come from the couple and the event organizers will be tasked to instruct the host about the flow of the program. But some couples prefer to let the event organizers manage the reception program.

Private area (hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Another option for a wedding reception is to rent a closed or private area which is mostly air-conditioned. Most couples that prefer this are those who want a less hassle reception. Those who prefer a reception in a closed or private area also hire catering services and event organizers.

But this would need a lot of budgets because this reception idea is quite expensive. The catering services and event organizers would team up to make your desired wedding reception idea to happen. But they would need the food and theme choices of the couple. The overall setting would depend on the event organizers on how they will set up the mood for the reception ceremony. The couple and the event organizers also communicate with each other about the program proper.

It is common for a reception program to have messages from the closest ones of the couple, but nowadays, there are games being held during the program. Some hosts prepare unique wedding games that can bring fun and enjoyment to everyone. Prizes are also given away by the couple to their guests who win the games. The playing of the pre-nuptial videos and photos and same day edit video of the wedding is mostly part of the wedding reception program.

Resort Wedding Reception

There is also a wedding reception that is held in a resort. Those couples who prefer this wants their guest to enjoy the resort and have a swim after the program. And couples that held their wedding reception program in a resort often want to hold an after-party. They hire a DJ and a bar for a party for those guests who choose to stay after the program.

There are also different stalls or booths that can be hired for the wedding reception program. The couple can hire a DJ to set up the mood by playing music and for the guests to enjoy their chosen song playlist. There also different food booths that can be rented for the wedding reception. One example is the dessert bar in which those guests who like to eat sweets can find their taste satisfaction in this booth. Those who are also hungry during the program can feed themselves in this stall before the catering services serve the food.

Other Wedding Ideas

They could also rent a mobile bar for those guests who enjoy having alcoholic drinks and beverages. And if they prefer to have a little and quick after party after the program. A photo booth is the most common of all. It is where the guests take a photo as their souvenir for the special day a photo booth is where you take photos, you may hold props for adding little fun, and the machine automatically prints your photo with the layout that the couple chose.

There are a lot of wedding reception ideas to choose from. A couple can have as simple or as elegant as they want. They just always need to consider their budget to make everything happen. It is indeed a long and tiring task to do but with the help of those people who are close to the couple, they can make all their wedding reception ideas happen. Nonetheless, no matter how simple or elegant the reception maybe, the most important reason to celebrate this is to be with the people who make time to be with the couple on their special day.

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