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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Banquet Halls

A successful wedding party is always remembered due to its venue and food. The party menus are very important when it comes to your wedding. But you should not forget that delicious food will always be complemented by a great ambiance of banquet halls. The venue needs to be spacious and be as per your wedding theme.

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The following are some of the things which you need to consider when choosing your wedding banquet hall.

  • Amenities: Most of the banquet halls provide basic amenities when you book them. This includes chairs, tables, and some basic decorations. Depending on how you want your wedding banquet hall to be decorated, you will need to check out if they supply visual/audio equipment, stations for charging, and WiFi for free.

Check out if there is ample parking for your guests and if their restrooms are clean and accessible for the handicapped. There are some halls which offer on-site catering if you are their client and this could be a plus if you haven’t yet decided on the catering part. Sample various catering before you decide if you are going to use the banquet hall one or you will come with your private one.

  • Budget: This is one of the main factors that you have to consider before settling for your wedding banquet hall. Have a fixed amount for the venue and pick out some of the best in your area within your budget. The banquet hall is a very important part of your wedding planning and during peak season, it might be hard to get booking. You have to book the hall in advance.
  • Interiors: The interior of the place which you choose should be modern, clean, and well taken care of. It is okay to have a mind of decorating the place yourself to suit your occasion. But even if that is the case and the venue is already dilapidated, or even run down, it will be hard for you to give it a facelift.
  • Capacity: When you are in search of a wedding banquet hall, capacity is a very important consideration. How many guests will the venue comfortably accommodate? The venue choice will impact on how successful your wedding will be. If the room is small your guests will feel uncomfortable and cramped.

In case you get a hall that is too large, it will dwarf your wedding party, making your guests feel ill at ease. Consider the list of your guests and how many people are attending the event. You have to choose a hall that suits your party size.

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It is possible to convert larger halls to accommodate small groups with judicious decorations and furnishings. If you are in doubt, then go for a larger space than settle for a small size.

  • Location: The location of the banquet hall is very important. You might find a few venues which are located on the town outskirts. They could be great, and affordable in terms of price. But before you decide that it is the right hall, you have to think about your guests.

Is it that the venue is off the way and not easily accessible, a situation that might make your guests not attend your event? Is it hard to locate because there is no well-known physical feature to use in directing the guests? Could it be that the neighborhood is a place where most of your guests might not be comfortable to come to?

Even if the price for the banquet hall is right, going for one that is out of the way isn’t always the right one for you. Get a venue that is located centrally with a lot of interstate access.

  • The theme of the party: You have to decide on your party theme before deciding if the banquet hall will be suitable. Themes vary depending on individual tastes. For your wedding, being a grand celebration, the theme has to be great. Pick it wisely.
  • Event planner: This is an important person who will make or break your wedding. Some banquet hall booking comes with an event planner as a package. Check their reviews first before deciding if you will go for them. Getting a great one will ensure that everything will be carried off your shoulder, knowing that there is a reliable person to take care of it. But if you are not comfortable with what you are being offered, you can hire a private one at a fee.
  • Basic amenities: Ensure that the banquet hall is providing you with all the basic needs that you might require. You shouldn’t be forced to hire for basic things which are provided by most of the halls around. Do your research well and settle for the best out of the many.

The above will make it possible for you to have the banquet hall that will make your wedding unique.


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