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Wedding Ceremony Seating Style To Consider

Wedding Ceremony Seating Style To Consider

Wondering what wedding ceremony seating style to consider? One of the usual things the bride thinks about apart from her wedding dress is the seating arrangement at your wedding ceremony. Some are focusing on their wedding reception while others are more serious about planning their wedding ceremony. They feel like it is the most important part of their wedding as this is where they will exchange vows and finally be called husband and wife.

Just like with the wedding reception, you have to make sure that the seating style at your wedding ceremony is not only efficient and effective but strategic and stylish too. There are actually many ways you can do to make your wedding seating ceremony unique and to name some of them, read below.

Thinking of a wedding ceremony seating style to consider for your wedding? Sure, this can definitely give you not only a perfect photograph but a more memorable and romantic ambiance.

To help you get started, below are some wedding ceremony seating styles to consider!

Wedding Ceremony Seating Style To Consider

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Why not go for Ottomans combined with traditional chairs and benches. You will surely achieve a wedding ceremony very comfortable and dramatic. Your guests will definitely have a great time seated in this kind of seat.


If you are just so confident about your wedding dress and you want to give all your guests a glimpse of it, style your wedding ceremony with a spiral seating arrangement. You may need to walk a little longer but definitely, it will give you a more intimate wedding feels.


Planning to wed in the woods? If so, consider logs as seats. You would never know how beautiful this can give your wedding. This is a perfect choice for those who love nature very much.


Give all your guests a nice and comfortable feel as your wedding ceremony is being dined. Couches of any size and style are perfect for wedding ceremonies. You can use your own couches or couches from your family and friend’s house. If you failed to find enough couches, you can rent them instead.


Just to give your wedding a monochromatic appeal, consider a different selection of chairs, benches, and couches in a neutral, beautiful color palette.

Bales Of Hay

There is nothing perfect for a farm wedding other than hay seats. Just to make it more comfortable you can cover bales with beautiful blankets. You will never regret choosing this as it matches perfectly farm wedding themes.

Benches On Top Of The Hayes

Just to have more spaces available for your guests to the seat, you can place benches on top of the bales. This will give a very beautiful effect on your wedding ceremony.

Pillows and Blankets

Just to make it highly comforting, throw pillows and blankets instead of chairs at the wedding ceremony venue. This will give your guests a feel like they are just watching a movie. Remind them though that they are not supposed to sleep as it can be too comfortable seating on it.


If you are up for a beach wedding, go for stools. Imagine a wedding in the sand surrounded by tools, beautiful indeed. This is without a doubt promising on photos. Your photographer will be so happy with this seating style as they will not have a hard time taking beautiful photos.

Colorful chairs

Make your wedding ceremony as colorful as it can be. Enjoy different colors of chairs around the ceremony area. Although, you have to make sure that the colors you choose match well.

Surround seats around the couple

If you want to make sure that everyone will get a prime spot at your wedding ceremony, arrange the seats surrounding the main stage. This way, you are giving yourself and your groom an opportunity to look around your guests and see how happy they are for you.

Mix and match different kinds of seats

Forget the traditional and be bold when choosing seats at your wedding. Instead of using uniform or identical seats, mix and match different colors, styles, and shapes of seats. This can definitely be electrifying and highly attractive.


Let your guests seat in a nice and comfortable pillow. You can also use the pillows as their wedding favor. Best if the color of the pillows matches your wedding theme.

Reception Tables

 To make it easy for everyone, you can let them seat right to the place where they will eat. Letting them a seat at the reception tables during the ceremony will minimize the turnaround time you might also be worried about.

Under tent

Sure, why not go under the tent. Make a huge tent where all your guests can sit comfortably. This is a wedding ceremony idea you will be very happy to consider. To add to the drama, you can have beautiful lights incorporated into it.


They are not only seen now in churches but also at outdoor weddings too. Make the pew look more rustic for a more dramatic appeal. You do not have to think as much as arranging it in rows is more than enough.

Snowy Benches

Filled your benches or chairs with snowy benches. This is a perfect decision for a winter wedding, unique but definitely something that can capture the heart of many of your guests.

Bright and cheerful

Whatever the location or venue of your wedding ceremony, make sure that you choose cheerful and bright designs. This type of seating arrangement style is not only perfect during the day but in the evening also.

There are many ways you can do to make your wedding ceremony unique and one of a kind. Sure, the wedding ceremony is only short but it is not an excuse for making it lousy and simple. It is the venue where you will promise forever love, so making it perfect and something to remember for a long time is a good idea.


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