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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Dress Sleeves

Brides focus more on the top and bottom areas of their wedding gowns, and they tend to forget that the sleeves of their wedding gowns are also necessary to consider when choosing the right gown to wear on their most special day.

You might be thinking that sleeves are not as important as they look alike anyway, but considering that you know the differences and the types to consider, you would realize that choosing the right sleeves to incorporate on your wedding gown may be harder than you think.

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Eight Wedding Dress Sleeves Guide


This is most of the time seen on straight across or sweetheart necklines, just as the name of the sleeve suggests, it is strapless. The bride’s dress will end above her bust and no other fabric on her shoulder.


Spaghetti strap

This is a no sleeve wedding dress and only has very thin straps supporting the dress. This is a perfect choice for bridal dresses that have an empire waist and ball gowns too. It is classic and timeless and can be a perfect choice for brides who want it bold and sexy but have enough support.


Strap sleeves

The size of the strap of this type of sleeve is almost the same as a tank top. This can match well on gowns’ v-neck necklines and as well as to a-line dress. The effect can almost be the same as the spaghetti strap, only that strap sleeves offer more support.


Cap sleeves

This type of sleeve comes in different styles, it can be ruffled or flat, puffed, or fluttered. It covers the uppermost area of your shoulder. Generally speaking, cap sleeves are round in shape and are attached to the top of your wedding dress. This is getting more and more popular for brides as cap sleeves give the right amount of support and coverage and offer a dash of modest romanticism.



This looks almost the same as the strap sleeves but can be wider. This is most of the time used for wedding gowns that have bateau and halter necklines.


Short sleeves

Short sleeves have almost the same length of sleeves to a t-shirt. The sleeves will end halfway between your shoulders and elbow. This also comes in many styles like puffed and flat.


Three quarter sleeves

This type of sleeve was made popular between the 50s and 60s. The length of the sleeve falls a little below your elbow. If you want a vintage look at your wedding, this without a doubt, is a good length of the sleeve to consider.

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Long sleeves

This is a perfect choice for conservative brides. The length of such a sleeve will reach up to your wrist. Sleeves can come in different designs, it can be fitted, simple and straight, or a bit more formal. Some also consider using detailed fabric for a better appeal and style. If you want to look demure at your wedding ceremony and sexy on your wedding reception, you can ask your couturier to make the sleeves detachable.


Guide to choosing the right length of sleeve for your wedding gown

If you are not decided yet on which of the sleeves to choose on your wedding gown, considering the guide below is a good idea:

  • Consider your neckline

The neckline of your wedding gown must match right to your sleeves. Not all sleeves match all necklines and vice versa. If you have no idea how to mix and match, let the experts do what they do best.

  • Consider the season

You would not want to go sleeveless during winter and long sleeves during summer. You have to make sure that your sleeves will work to its purpose, keep you warm during winter or not give you a hard time in the summer season.

  • Consider comfort

Do not wear a sexy wedding gown if you are not comfortable with it. Your comfort is highly important at your wedding. Wear something that can make you move freely and with full confidence. Regardless of how good your wedding gown looks, if you cannot carry it with confidence, it will look ugly.

  • Consider your body type

Long sleeve wedding gowns can make an illusion of slender and long arms, while sleeveless can let you brag your toned muscles. When choosing sleeves, make sure it will complement your body type. Do not go for a sleeve that instead of enhancing your assets would make the other way round.

  • Consider your height

If you are petite, long sleeves may not be a popular choice. You can go for sleeveless or tube top to make you look taller.

  • Religion

Go to what is required of your beliefs. Some religions are more conservative, while some are open to any designs and styles.


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