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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Dress Trains

There can be so many preparations to be done on a wedding, hiring the best photographer, getting serviced by the best caterer in the city, sending invitations, receiving RSVP and so on, but even how busy the wedding preparation could be, brides should not forget that it is their wedding and they need to be the most beautiful on that special day.

One of the things that a bride-to-be must give high importance to is their wedding gown. Actually, for some brides, this can be the most demanding as there are so many details on a wedding gown that brides need to look into to make sure their gown looks stunning.

Apart from the bodice of the wedding gown, which is one of the most important aspects of a gown, it is the train that can make your wedding gown impressive. You would not want to take the train of your wedding gown for granted as it is one of the highlights of your wedding gown that guests will look into.

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What Is A Wedding Gown Train?

This is an extra fabric that extends from the back of the wedding gown and trails behind as the bride walks. It can be detachable, part of the dress, or overlay at the waist area of the dress. A detachable train is advisable for brides who are not planning to change clothes after the wedding ceremony.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the type of wedding gown train to consider, some of which is the setting of the venue, the formality of your wedding, the silhouette of your dress, and even the mood you want to achieve on your photographs.

But apart from these, you also have to consider your budget. Trains can add value to your wedding gown, hence it is only necessary that you consider this.


Types Of Wedding Trains and Reasons Of Choosing Them

You may think that all trains are made equal, it is not as there are many types of trains to choose from. It is best if you ask your couturier about what types of trains they have and what they think is best and most suitable for you.

To help you get started, below are some of the trains to choose from:

  • Sweep

This is about 6 inches longer than your wedding gown skirt. This is an elusive way to give your wedding gown a nice accent. If you are planning to wed outdoors, this without a doubt is a good type of train to consider. Sweep trains can also look pleasing to mermaid style or trumpet gowns.

  • Chapel

This type of train is around twelve to eighteen inches long. Among all the trains, the chapel is the most in-demand for brides. The length is just right and easy to carry. It will never fail to add drama on an A-Line wedding gown and would look stunning in ballrooms.

  • Cathedral

If you want a longer train, twenty-two inches, or more, the cathedral is a good choice. This is excellent for a highly dramatic venue and black-tie weddings. If you are wearing A-line dresses and ball gowns, the cathedral can be added to your options.

  • Monarch or Royal

This is the longest train among the trains. It can be up to a yard or more long, hence if this is what you want to wear make sure to tell your bridesmaids to assist you. The length of this kind of train can be a bit hard to manage but it will never fail brides who want to grab attention.

best wedding dresses

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What You Need To Know About Wedding Gown Train

Below are some of the things you need to know about wedding trains:

  • Train is not a requirement for wedding gowns: By all means, you can wear a wedding gown without a train. A train is to add beauty to your gown, but if you are already satisfied with what your gown can offer, then by all means, you can walk down the aisle without a train
  • You can have your train detached: If you love your wedding gown and you cannot get enough of it until wedding reception, consider a detachable train so you can remove it right after you exit the ceremony
  • Make sure to let your wedding coordinators or bridesmaids stay attentive as you walk, sit and turn. Your train should always be spread out perfectly to see its beauty
  • You can add a design on your train: Trains can be simple and plain, but if you have extra money to spare and you want it classy and unique, you can accentuate it with gems, pearls, etc.
  • Know the length you can carry: Too long train can be very heavy, if you think that you will have a hard time carrying a long train, go for shorter ones


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