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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Expense Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding is without a doubt very expensive, from the wedding dress to the venue and vendors, expenses can be huge and something that is not easy to manage. Actually, there are many reasons why wedding expenses blew out of proportion. Of course, what you want is to keep your expenses low and not go beyond what you can actually afford.

There are actually a lot of mistakes couples do, hence their expenses went unexpectedly high. If you want to avoid these usual mistakes, it is encouraged that you read this article.

Expense Mistakes To Avoid On Weddings

So here are some of the mistakes to avoid when preparing your wedding:

  • Hesitant to ask who will pay what

As per the tradition, it is the bride’s parents or family who shoulder all the wedding expense, as time passes by it is changing. Instead of the family’s bride shouldering all the expenses, both the groom and the bride’s family will take a fair share of wedding expenses. One of the usual mistakes couples commits is not asking who will pay for which expenses.

It is actually a bit awkward to ask the other party’s family about it, so it is best if the groom will ask his family and same as with the bride. This way, communication is more open and budgeting could be better.

It is best if you discuss it with your respective families, you already know the prices of vendors, the number of guests, and so on. Some may not find it easy to commit if they do not have any idea of how much they need to spare.

  • Not being able to allocate funds properly

Just like with your daily budgeting, you have to think about how much you need to prepare to get exactly what you are looking for. Setting your expectations accordingly can help you a lot in budgeting your wedding finances.

There are so many things on the wedding you have to prepare, the reception which usually consumes 48% to 50% of your total budget, ceremony 2% to 3% of your budget, attire at 8% to 10%, same as with music and/or entertainment 8% to 10%, flowers at 8% to 10%, videographers and photographers at 10% to 12% average, transportation and parking 2% to 3%, wedding rings and stationery both at 2% to 3% each, other miscellaneous at 8% and gifts 2% to 3%, you also have to leave 5% from your budget to possible mishaps on the wedding day itself.

Allocating your funds rightfully can help you in avoiding wedding expense mistakes. Once the budget is allocated, you have to stay within that. Going beyond just one from the budget you already allocated will give you a headache for sure.

  • Not tracking the amount that has already been spent

Yes, sometimes it is too late for couples to realize that they already shelled out huge amounts of money. So, instead of spending conservatively, they end up spending more as they were not able to calculate all the money they already spent.

Make sure that expenses are all tracked properly. Always have a notebook available in your bag, so when an expense comes in, you can write it down immediately. Track all your expenses to avoid going over your allocated budget.

  • Not sourcing enough

One of the things that couples forget to do is sourcing the right vendors to hire. What they will do is hire the first vendor that hits the top of the search engine or immediately hire the vendor recommended by their closest friend. You never know what others can offer if you stop sourcing too soon. There are a lot of fishes in the ocean, and it is only right if you take time choosing who among the vendors is best to hire.

Do not rush, take as much time as you need. There are some cheap vendors who offer the same level of service to vendors charging too expensive. Why would you go for the latter if you have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality service at a better price?

Also, there are a lot of discounts you can check out online. Taking advantage of it is highly recommended. Make sure that you are always active checking on different shops as you never know when will they give out discounts.

  • Following everything you want

Face the fact that your budget has limitations. Do not go beyond what you can afford. Sure, following what your heart desires is a good idea, but if your money is not permitting you to do so, why would you force it? Just to make everything easy and smooth sailing, work on what you can afford.

You sure do not want to get broke as there are a lot of other expenses you need to think about after your wedding.

Prioritize things you need to prioritize, discuss with your soon to be spouse which among the wedding essentials would you spend more on, is it the food? The wedding attire? You cannot give in to everything you want as that is not wise spending.

  • Not hiring a wedding coordinator

They say that hiring a wedding coordinator is just another expenditure. Actually, they are the right people to help you avoid committing wedding expense mistakes. They are there to remind you about your existing budget, things you need to prioritize and they can even help to outsource the right vendor for your budget.

There are so many things they can do and hiring their service can definitely help you out enjoy huge savings.

  • Inviting everyone

The more guests you have the more expensive your wedding would get. It is not just food but you also have to go to a bigger venue which is actually more expensive. Do not fear not inviting everyone. Limit your guest list to what you can afford.

There is a lot of other wedding guides to look out for, click this link for more relevant help: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


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