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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Favor Do’s And Don’ts

Wedding favor is something you can have and cannot have on your wedding. But, if you want your guests to have something to remember, then giving it away is a good idea. Even how good you look in your wedding dress, it is the wedding favor that can keep the memory of your wedding alive to your guests for a long time.

When thinking about wedding favors, you do not have to focus just on the price tag alone. It should not be too fancy nor too expensive. If you are still not sure of the wedding favor to give away on your wedding, here are some of the do’s and don’ts you must not forget.

Wedding Favor Do’s

  • Do think about something meaningful

Make not only the wedding favor but how they get it meaningful. You can consider different activities, like hiring a caricature artist, a photo booth, etc. Make them remember not just the item but the experience they had while getting it.

And besides such activities add element of surprise and fun in your wedding, so spending a few dollars to have it is all worth it.

  • Do consider donating to a charity

If you are really not comfortable spending money to wedding favors, or you fear that the wedding favor may be something your guests would just throw away, donate the money you spare for wedding favor to charity. Choose a charity that you know can benefit from the money you save for wedding favor.

You can or cannot announce it during the wedding, it is your prerogative.

  • Do choose something that can be used

Choose a wedding favor that is useful. A clock, scented candle, a notebook, etc. Make it something your guests can use. This way, you know that you did not spend your money to useless and nonsense things.

  • Do think how the wedding favors will be distributed and presented to guests

Apart of deciding which wedding favor to consider, you may also want to think on how it will be distributed. Will you personally go around the reception hall to give away the present or will the guests fall in line to receive their wedding favors or will you have someone to go around to distribute it? When will it be distributed? Start of the reception, or after the reception or after the wedding ceremony?

Timing and way it will be distributed is also important.

  • Do include a note

Just to make the wedding favors more personalized, include a note on it. This may require a bit of a legwork, but it will definitely go a long way. You have the option of printing or handwriting it.

Making the note personalized to the receiver is sweeter and highly recommended.

  • Do check online for suggestions and recommendations

If you still do not know what to buy, then check online. There are just so many suggestions you can check online. This is also a good avenue for you to check out other ideas for your wedding, apart from wedding favors.

To make your search faster and more efficient, you can key in on search engine the description you are looking for, like “useful wedding favors”, “affordable wedding favors”, etc. Make your search more detailed.

Wedding Favor Don’ts

If there are do’s to check out, there are also things to avoid when deciding which wedding favor is best for you to consider. To know more about it, read below:

  • Do not give away wedding favor just because you think it is “required”

As previously discussed, wedding favor is not a requirement for weddings, you can or cannot have it. If you are giving this away because you feel obliged to do so, forget about it. Do not feel bad if you do not want to include it into your budget. It is you wedding and there is no other person who knows what is good and what is not good for the wedding than yourself.

If you are short of time or budget, scrap it. It is not an obligation nor something that guests should expect. Good if you have it, but it is okay not to have it.

  • Do not overspend on wedding favors

Yes please. There are just so many expenses in a wedding and buying too expensive favors may not be a good idea. Go for favors you can afford and will not break your bank account. There are so many options around, and mind you, not all of them are expensive.

Think about your budget, and spend it wisely.

  • Do not give away edible favors you make

Just to avoid hurt feelings, do not give away edible favors you make. Even if the majority of your guests like your baked brownies, if one is unsatisfied and did not like your baking, you will feel very bad about it.

Also, you would not want to give yourself too much of  a hard work a few days or a day before your wedding, so just to keep your sanity, avoid giving away edible favors you make. You also would not like to disturb your wedding party or anyone else a day before your big day, as for sure, everyone wants to get a fair share of relaxation.

  • Do not include the tag price or boast the value of your wedding favor

Intentional or unintentional, never leave the tag price on the wedding favor, as it is not for sale. Also, if it is expensive, you do not need to announce it to your guests, they never ask you to prepare something expensive anyway. Also, complaining how much money or time you spend to come up with that wedding favor is a huge “NO”.

There are many things a bride should prepare before, the day and even after her wedding. To know more about it, click this link: https://www.callablanche.com/post/ultimate-wedding-day-checklist.


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