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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Favor Ideas That Are Useful

And finally, the wedding in your dreams will finally come to reality. After you remove your wedding dress, your entire life will change. You will now leave your parents and be with the man you will build a family with, your priorities will also shift, and even your name will change, all these will happen after your wedding.

But before you get too serious and think about what will happen after the wedding, focus on what will happen at the wedding first. There are so many things to think about your wedding, like your guest list, a place to hold your wedding ceremony and reception, food to serve your guests, and a lot of other stuff.

A wedding favor is something you can decide on giving your guests or not, but if you have money to spare, why would you not give your guests something that can make them remember your wedding for a long time?

Actually, there are a lot of wedding favor options to choose from, and this alone might give you a hard time deciding which is best to give away on your wedding day.

Wedding Favor Ideas That Are Useful To Guests

Just to make your money worth it, spend on wedding favors that are very useful. Loss of ideas? Here are some of the things you may want to consider:

  • Small champagne bottles

Just to give your guests something to bring home in case they can’t get enough of the party at your wedding, a bottle of small champagne is a good idea. Choose your favorite brand and flavor to make it a bit personalized. You can have custom labels so they would remember that is indeed from your wedding.

  • Tea Towels

This is not the ordinary towels you use every day but towels that are very decorative and beautiful. This may not be the most in-demand but definitely, this is a nice wedding favor to give away.

You can decide on printing on it calligraphies of your favorite verses or love quotes.

  • Handmade soap

Give your guests a nice scent of artisan soap. This is not only cheap but is very creative, beautiful and highly useful. You can place an order from your local shop or if you have more time to spare, you can do it yourself.

  • Doughnuts

Why not? Box them up and give your guests a nice and scrumptious dessert to bring home. Best to have different flavors so guests can choose their poison.

  • Moscow mule mug

What is not to like about the Moscow mule mug? It is very classy and highly usable. It is more unique compared to shot glass or printed glass. A good print would make this Moscow mule mug more attractive and personalized.

  • Blankets

Especially during winter, a blanket is a good gift to give away. Some couples make it personalized the only downside is what if there are guests who appear at your wedding unexpectedly? Instead of personalizing the towel, stitch in a generic design, like your initials and the date of your wedding.

  • Cookies

And yes, cookies will never be out of the list of the most useful and tasteful wedding favors to give away. You can bake it yourself or you can order from a local shop. Box it nicely and tag it with your initials, the date of your wedding, and a thank you note.

  • Scented candles

Sure, scented candles are very useful to everyone. Same as with the handmade soap, you can buy it from a local shop or you can make it yourself. Most couples have no time to spend making their own wedding favors hence ordering from a local shop is a better option for them. Choose a scent and color that you love, and engrave it with your initials.

  • Photo prints

The good news is a photo booth can help you serve your guests with a very nice wedding favor. You can consider printing their photos in magnets so they can have something to stick on their fridge.

  • Paperweight

A paperweight with your initials engraved on it is also a useful wedding favor to consider. The options for this wedding favor is endless, you can go from simple designs to extremely unique ones. It is best if you make it related to your wedding theme or sports you love.

  • Letter opener

Why not consider a letter opener? This is not a usual wedding favor but is very useful and interesting. Also, this is cheaper so best for those who do not have many funds to spare.

  • Garden seeds

Garden seeds can also be a good idea to give away at your wedding. Let your love flourish the same as with the seeds. It is highly recommended that you choose seeds that are very easy to grow, can be outdoor or indoor. Some of the options you can consider are lavender, mint, chives, basil, and lemongrass.

  • A pillow

A pillow is without a doubt a good idea to give away at your wedding. The pillow should not be too big but at the least enough to give comfort to those who will use it. Choose pillow colors that are the same as your theme. You can have it printed with your name and the date of your wedding too.

  • Teabags

Who does not love tea? Or chocolate drink or coffee? This is a good wedding favor to give your guests and very useful, especially in the winter season.

  • Bottle opener

A bottle opener is not only cheap but highly useful too. A bottle opener or cork opener is a good gift to give on your special day.

  • Gift voucher

This can be a bit expensive but needless to say, very useful to all your guests across. A gift voucher from your favorite shop is a good idea to give away. You can give a voucher from your favorite shop and the price can differ depending on what you can afford.

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