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Wedding Favor Trends Your Guests Will Appreciate

Wedding Favor Trends Your Guests Will Appreciate

Looking for wedding favor trends your guests will appreciate? Until you are engaged, you don’t realize how many of the small things and small details go into wedding preparation. Apart from the obvious things about your wedding, such as the wedding dress, the caterer, the venue, the reception, the musicians, other small deliverables are essential to a wedding.

Considering wedding favors and what is currently trending is a critical consideration when planning your wedding. Favors refer to a traditional wedding gift that is normally given to guests when leaving the reception, ending the otherwise busy weekend of love celebration.

Though some years back, couples would purchase jars of honey, sunglasses, and other affordable items in large numbers as a token for bye-bye to the guests. It is not currently happening. There has been a big shift in the trend of wedding favors in the recent past.Couples are currently moving from the bags full of goodies for fun and experimental.

Favors that were embraced traditions, such as coffee mugs, coasters, and a variety of other trinkets, are now outdated. More couples settling for immersive favors for their guests.

So what are the current wedding favor trends your guests will appreciate?

  • Late-night bites instead of giving out favors

The truth is that, after having an evening with heavy drinking, you don’t need a trinket. What you yearn for will be a lot of carbs. Nowadays, couples understand the need to have late-night bites. Thus, they’re skipping the favors, creating room in budgets to accommodate extra food.

Wedding Favor Trends Your Guests Will Appreciate

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As a couple, you can settle for snacks such as beignets served with a variety of sauces and toppings, bringing out an experience that is elevated instead of take-home gifts. Other newlyweds are keeping a more simplified way of doing things. It can be cheeseburgers, hotdogs cart, pizza, French fries, or a late-night favorite snack. With that, guests can continue enjoying what they like and be ready for even two rounds.

If you want to focus more on creating an experience during your wedding for your guests, there are a variety of ways you can be creative and bring it out.

  • Group excursions instead of favors

Several studies have shown that joy is not found in the number of items that you have but in the experiences that you share with others. That is why, though travel costs money, it is one of the things that enrich your life. Most couples are buying the idea and going with it.

At the moment, there is an increase in group excursions as a way of appreciating guests for traveling to your wedding. It is better than offering trinkets as favors. Ziplining adventures, cruises, and a chance to be able to snorkel with life in the marine are some of the group excursions you can organize.

  • Instead of favors, offer welcome bags

Think about the many weddings that you have attended. What is the one thing that stood out? Was it the bride’s wedding dress, or the way the groom was able to beam when the bride walked down the aisle? Perhaps the photo booths were classic? Or the cocktails were just unique? Or it was when you arrived at the hotel and found a basket of some goods that had meaningful touches?

Most couples nowadays are embracing putting gifts in hotel rooms to welcome the guests for coming to attend their weddings – and it is working correctly. Guests seem to be appreciating the gesture.

Welcome bags include local treats, bottled waters, aspirin. Maybe a small umbrella if the weekend seems to be rainy? You do all these just to ensure your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Think of what you would have given them were they staying at your home. That might be an excellent place to start with when you are thinking about what to include in the welcome package.

  • Personalized wine bottles

Based on your wedding size as well as your budget, more luxe wedding favors are trending. Wine is universally acceptable. Thus, you can take the opportunity to spoil your loved one on this special occasion in your life.

It will make for an excellent souvenir for their traveling, and they will have memories from your big day.

  • Locally sourced gift for a destination wedding

Modern couples tend to move away from traditions and opting to embrace destination weddings. It is something that allows them, apart from having a vacation, to give their loved ones an excuse to leave town.

When you are away from your home country or city, it might be hard to ship big favors for your guests. Thus, you will need to settle for locally available goods, which they won’t find in your country or city. Whether it is food, or a gift certificate for a nearby experience, your guests will appreciate them more.

Think outside the box when thinking of wedding favor trends that your guests will appreciate. Embrace what is currently trending and give your guests a treat that they will remember for a very long time. For more information about wedding favors and other wedding planning things, check out The Bride’s Survival Guide.


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