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Wedding Gown Accessories

It is not just your wedding gown that you have to focus on but accessories as well. If you want to look at your best on your wedding day, it is only necessary that you think about not just your wedding gown but the accessories you will wear with it.

Here are some of the accessories you need to incorporate with your wedding gown.


Wedding Gown Accessories

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Earrings can add glamour to your wedding dress. Whether it is a simple stud pearl or a dangling earring full of diamonds, earrings can be the most important piece of accessory on your wedding. When choosing the right earrings to wear, follow the guidelines below:

  • Go out of your comfort zone: Your wedding is the best time for you to reinvent and try something new. If you are not used to wearing dangling earrings, this is the right time for you to try it on
  • Know your hairstyle: If you are planning to wear a simple stud diamond or a pearl, make sure that your hair is tied or not covering your ear as it will be hidden on voluminous hair.



Now is your time to feel and be a queen. Wearing a crown on your wedding day is a good idea. Let them bow down to you and feel like a queen while walking down the aisle. Some of the things you need to consider when choosing a crown to wear at your wedding are:

  • Comfort: Make sure that your crown is not too heavy to carry or make you feel itchy or uncomfortable
  • Find the right size: Crowns come not only in different designs but sizes too. Choose a crown that is not too big or too small for your face
  • It should not be too expensive: It does not need to be too expensive, there are many tiaras or crowns available in the market, they are beautiful yet not too expensive. Choose wisely


Hair Pins

If you are not too comfortable wearing a crown, wear hair pins instead. Hairpins can give a different twist not just on your hair but your overall look. Some of the things you need to consider when choosing hairpins are:

  • Your hairstyle: Make sure that your pin will complement your hairstyle and not the other way around
  • Hairpins that will give justice to your beautiful gown: Choose a pin that is equally beautiful as your gown
  • Easy to remove: It is best if you choose a pin you can remove and change any time. Changing hairstyle from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception is necessary, and everything you put on your head should be easy to replace and remove


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Of course, the pair of shoes plays a huge role in your overall look. It will not only give your gown added beauty but can also boost your posture. Choosing the right shoes is almost as important as choosing other accessories on your wedding even if it is sometimes not as visible. Some of the things you need to consider when choosing shoes to wear at your wedding are:

  • Level of comfort: Stiletto can be a common choice, but if this will not help you walk down the aisle comfortably, there is no reason why you would go for it. Instead of stilettos, you can wear wedge or any high heeled shoes that can elongate your body and make you look taller
  • The style: With the many shoes you can choose to wear on your wedding, from the open toe to closed shoes to high heels, and flats, the style of your shoes should complement your wedding gown well. From the color to its style and so on.



Putting a bracelet on your well-toned arm is a good idea. This can give an appeal that is not only beautiful but elegant. But, with the many available bracelets in the market today, have you decided on which of them to wear? Here are some guidelines you could follow when buying a bracelet to wear on your big day:

  • Choose a bracelet proportion to your wrist: Consider the size of your wrist. Do not wear a bracelet that is too big if you are petite and vice versa
  • Never be afraid to wear a stunning and attention grabber bracelet



The necklace is another accessory you should not forget about your wedding, This will give your wedding gown a nice look, provided that you made the right choice. Some of the things to consider when choosing a necklace are:

  • Your wedding gown’s neckline: The neckline of your wedding gown is one of the major considerations when choosing a necklace to wear. V-shaped neckline may have different necklace options than scoop and vice versa
  • Your budget: There are many necklaces available in the market today, and they come at different prices too. The necklace to purchase must not be too expensive unless you are planning to use it after the wedding


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