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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Gown Alterations

Whether you are buying a brand new wedding gown or second hand, or even hiring a couturier to create your wedding gown, alterations may be necessary. Do not fret when you fit a wedding gown and it seems not right on your body. Alterations are there to ensure that the wedding gown will fit your body perfectly.

Alterations are done not only for resizing but also to alter the gown according to your taste and liking.

Below is a guide you need to follow for your wedding gown alterations.


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Alterations guide

Alterations may happen even in wedding gowns created by couturiers. The alterations may be needed because you get thinner or bigger from the time your measurements were collected or you want to change the style of the wedding gown, and so on.

Generally speaking, below are some of the things you need to consider for wedding gown alterations:

  • Number of fittings necessary

How many fittings are required before they can perfect the size and the look of the wedding gown? This you have to know to ensure that you can squeeze the fitting schedule into your hectic schedule. Let them provide the date and time of the fitting and the number of occurrences.

  • How long will it take them to finish the alteration

Make sure that you provide enough lead time for the alteration. Ask the tailor or the couturier about the time they need to finish the job. You would not want to end up cramming and only receiving your wedding gown a few days before the wedding. Stress is the last thing you want to feel before your big day.

Let them provide you with a timeframe as to when they can start and finish the work.

  • How much will it cost

Another important factor to consider for wedding gown alteration is its cost. How much it is that you need to prepare to achieve your desired wedding gown style. Couturiers most of the time do not charge alteration fees on the gowns they created.

On the other hand, if the alteration is major or it needs a total makeover, the alteration fee might be expensive. You have to weigh in whether the alteration is a good choice or buying a new gown is better.

  • Is there anything you need to bring during fitting

It is also important that you know the things necessary to bring with you during scheduled fitting. Bringing your shoes is necessary to measure the length right. You may also want to bring your accessories and see how they blend with the gown.

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Asking the tailor or couturier on things you need to bring during scheduled fitting can help you a lot in making this activity successful.

  • What ideas does the couturier or the tailor has

When you visit a couturier or a tailor, you already have a specific idea in mind on what you would like the gown to look like, but still asking the experts about their ideas is a good thing too. This is what they do best and for sure, they have the best ideas to share to make your wedding gown look stunning.

  • Does the couturier has his/her tailor

You may also want to speak with the person who will work on your gown and not the couturier if he/she won’t be doing the job. Speaking to the person who will alter can allow you to provide what you want to achieve from it.

  • How will the couturier or tailor store your wedding gown

You would want to know how the couturier or the tailor will store your wedding gown while it is in their possession. You want to make sure that it is well taken care of and you will get it in fine condition.


Other things to consider for wedding gown alteration

There are other things you have to consider for your wedding gown alteration and to name some of them, read below:

  • Will the alteration change the overall look of the gown?

If this is what you plan to do, you may want to consider buying a new one instead. An overall change of the gown’s appearance may require you to pay a huge fee, and some designers are not open to the idea of altering the main design of their dress.

  • Hire a reliable seamstress or tailor to alter your wedding gown

Make sure that the tailor or seamstress is credible in altering wedding gowns. Sometimes altering the entire wedding gown is harder than creating a new one, so if you want to stick with your plan, ensure that you are hiring the best in the industry to achieve exactly what you want to get from this activity.

  • Do not rush

You have to give the seamstress or tailor enough time to alter your wedding gown. You do not want them to rush and end up with an unsatisfactory job.

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