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Wedding Guests Do’s And Don’ts

Wondering what are Wedding Guests Do’s And Don’ts? A bride to be has so many things to prepare on her wedding, wedding dress, catering service, venue, and a lot more. The couple has a lot of responsibilities on their shoulder, apart from their future as husband and wife, on their wedding day. They are not thinking just about their union but the welfare and happiness of their guests. As a guest, there are some responsibilities you also have to adhere to, to help the couple as they go through the hard preparation of their wedding and to help them make their wedding successful and happy. The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Guests Do’s And Don’ts?

Just to make your and more so the couple’s life easier, here are some of the do’s and don’ts guests need to consider:

  • Do send RSVP

Please, pay attention on the couple’s request about RSVP. Strictly follow the deadline, if there is already a decision that came up, send an email or send a response through the number indicated on the RSVP request.

Tip: If you still cannot decide whether you can or cannot come when it reaches the deadline, tell the bride, the groom, the coordinator or the point person about it. Do not leave the RSVP unanswered, also, if you want more time, you can request for it.

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  • Do not assume that you can bring your date or anyone else

Unless you can see “and guest” in the invitation or the number of seats reserved for you is more than one, do not bring anyone else, may it be your partner or a common friend or someone else. And please, stay away from picking your phone, calling the bride or the groom to ask if you can bring someone else if it clearly states in the invitation that they reserve only one seat for you. If they have extra budget to spare or they can accommodate more than one, you do not have to say a thing.

  • Do participate in the gift registry

If you are planning to give something to the newly wed, visit their gift registry. This is a good way in ensuring that the couple would benefit a lot from your gift. The gift registry can include gifts they want to receive, gifts that were already purchased by other guests and places where you can shop.

It will only take a few minutes to check this, so better do it. Additional thing to do is buying gift early. You would not want to rush choosing a gift for the newly wed especially if you want to give something that is valuable and worth your money.

  • Do not bring too huge gift

There is nothing wrong in buying gift like a washing machine, huge television or gas range, but delivering it to their new home is better than bringing it to the wedding venue. You would never want to give the couple a hard time thinking how to squeeze in a washing machine to their car after the wedding.

  • Do arrive on time

You are not the bride, so please arrive earlier. Arriving early is a sign of respect to the couple. Some use excuses like, traffic, or the wedding usually runs late, even how late the bride arrives, it is your responsibility as a guest to arrive on time.

The rule of the thumb is arriving 20 or 30 minutes before the wedding.

  • Do turn your phone off or switch it on silent mode

A ringing phone can be very disturbing, hence putting your phone to silent or off mode is a must. Do not give a reason of ruining the couple’s big day. You never know when someone calls you, and if it happens during the exchange of vows and your phone rings so loud, you ruin the supposedly most special moment of the couple.

  • Do take the wedding dress code seriously

The wedding dress code should be taken seriously. If it says wear a cocktail dress, please do not wear a ball gown. Or if it says wear only green and yellow, do not choose any other colors than the two requested.

Dress suited to the venue but always follow the request of the couple. It is their day, and you have nothing else to do but to give in to their request.

  • Do not photo-bomb

Give the photographer a chance to capture the best moments of the couple. Be alert and make sure you are not blocking a good view of the couple. Also, if you want to take a photo of the couple, you can stay behind. Do not stand in front of the professional photographer.

  • Do share the congratulatory remark to the family

It can be the couple’s day but they are not the only ones who must receive congratulatory remark. Their family should also be greeted and congratulated. Take time to reach out to the couple’s family to thank and congratulate them.

  • Do give time signing in the wedding guest book

Some may not see this important anymore, but newlyweds find their wedding as a very special day of their lives. Hence they want to reminisce the event by not only checking the photos but also checking the attendance through the guest book.

  • Do not get too wasted

Yes, the day could be very fun, exciting and entertaining. However, that should not be an excuse for you to get so drunk. Getting wasted may lead you doing things that you do not really want to do. Always be in your best character during a special day like this. You can drink a bit but not as much.

  • Do not talk forever

You may feel very happy about the couple’s union but that should not take a lot of their time. Talk to them for a minute or less if possible and let them entertain other guests.

  • Do not forget your wedding favor

If they give away wedding favor, please make sure to bring it with you. Do not leave it after the party.


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