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Wedding Invitation Do’s And Don’ts

Wedding Invitation Do’s And Don’ts

Wondering what are the wedding invitation do’s and don’ts? Wedding invitations are one of the most important things to consider when planning for a wedding, apart from the wedding dress. This could be a vocal invitation or an actual one as long as it invites a person to the wedding. A vocal invitation is a form of invitation that a couple invites a guest verbally. The details and information about the wedding ceremony and reception program are verbally stated by the couple. While a written or printed wedding invitation is given to the family and closest friends of the bride and groom so that they would know that the wedding is going to be soon. The details and information about the wedding ceremony and reception program are found in it.

Nowadays, there are a lot of styles and themes for a wedding invitation. A couple can choose from a variety of wedding invitation designs and styles. It is up to them how many invitations they want to print. Most weddings in these present times have invitations that are distributed months before the wedding. So that their family and friends can prepare for their big day.

An invitation contains a lot of essential information, both for the wedding ceremony and reception program. The layout and design may be different, but the content of all wedding invitations is almost the same. It contains the date and venue of the wedding ceremony and reception program, the names of the principal sponsors and secondary sponsors, and a map to guide the guests where the wedding and reception venue is going to commence. So, it is important to be mindful of the things to take note of and avoid when making a wedding invitation. So, what are the wedding invitation Do’s and Don’ts?

Do’s for a wedding invitation

  • Always include the names of your parents as a sign of their blessing

It should always be a practice that the names of the parents of the bride and groom are present in the invitation. It should state that the four parents are giving their blessing to their son and daughter to have their marriage.

This is a high form of respect because parents worked hard for their kids. Thus, they deserve this appreciation.

  • Indicate the exact time, date, and venue of the wedding ceremony and reception program

The guests are going to depend on the wedding ceremony and reception program information on the invitation that the couple will be giving them. It is important that the date, time, and venue stated on the invitation is final. Wedding guests are blocking their schedule on that day to celebrate with the couple.

Wedding Invitation Do’s And Don’ts

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It is also the most crucial part of the invitation because this information is given to the guest as to when and where the wedding ceremony and reception program will be happening.

  • Include the names of the wedding party: principal sponsors and secondary sponsors

A wedding would not be complete without the entourage, or the principal sponsors and secondary sponsors. The parents are not the only ones to join the couple walking on the aisle, but there is also the wedding entourage that will be joining them before they exchange their vows.

The wedding party is consisting of the maid of honor and best man, and the chosen godparents of the bride and groom for their wedding, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the sponsors for the veil, candle, and cord, the little bearers for the bible, ring, and coin and the flower girls.


  • Let strangers or unknown people see your invitation

For the safety of the bride and groom, and those who will be joining them on their special day, it is important not to let unknown people see your invitation. Because the wedding invitation contains important information such as the venue, time, and location of the wedding ceremony and reception program.

The telephone or cellphone numbers of the bride, groom, or wedding coordinators are also sometimes present in an invitation. So it is important that only those invited guests will be seeing the invitation for everyone’s safety.

  • Give invitations when the wedding is near

Enough time for preparation will always make an event successful. A couple needs a lot of time when preparing for their wedding, so as their guests. Their guests, especially the wedding entourage, need to prepare their attire for the wedding. Guests need to adjust their schedule to attend the wedding day. Therefore, you need to sen the invitation ahead of time.

While there are couples who include the attire of their wedding entourage in their budgeting and plans, there are also couples who do not. Some family members and friends also want to give a special gift to the couple. Because most of the wedding gifts are a little bit expensive, guests tend to save more for their gifts when they have a lot of time.

  • Forget to include RSVP, reserved seats, and contact numbers

Since most of the wedding reception programs are with controlled capacity, couples do include a number of reserved seats in their invitation. Reserved seats determine how many companions an individual can bring in the wedding day.

It is also important to include the contact numbers of the groom, bride, and wedding coordinators. This way, guests can respond and inform them if he would becoming. If not, you can assign the reserved seat/s to other guests.

Though there is a lot of design and layout for wedding invitations, it is not necessary to have an elegant and expensive one. It is up to the couple on how much budget they are allotting for the wedding invitation. The most important thing for the guests is that you choose them to be a part of the wedding day. It does not matter if it is a verbal invitation or a printed one, the invite matters..

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