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The Bride's Survival Guide: Wedding Jitters And How To Resolve Them

Wedding Jitters And How To Resolve Them

Wedding jitters are nothing but usual to couples preparing for their wedding. These do not end or start during the wedding day itself as it will start during wedding preparation and could end probably a few days after your wedding. One of the things that most brides worry about is their wedding dress. When they see too many styles and designs, they end up so stressed thinking which of them is best to wear. Actually, this can be easily solved if you ask help from professionals, as they perfectly know which among the wedding dresses available would fit your body shape and your personal style. Wedding Jitters And How To Resolve Them?

You might be thinking where does these wedding jitters come from, and to site of the possible instances where couples might feel it, read below:

  • The actual wedding day

Even how perfect your wedding planning and preparations are, expect that there will be challenges along the way. One of the usual wedding jitters reason is the groom or the brides perfectionism. Instead of enjoying the entire party, they end up thinking on the smallest details of the wedding event. The wedding jitters could also be from the relatives who have so much expectations, whims and demands.

If you are at the center of the attraction for a long time, you would never feel comfortable especially if you hate being in a crowd where everyone is looking at you.

  • Couples fear of repeating their parent’s mistakes

Unfortunately, not all relationships last. There are some relationships that end up so quickly, broken families are unfortunately common these days. If this is what fears you, stop it. The separation of your parents does not mean that you will have the same destiny as theirs. It is up to you and your soon to be spouse on how things will work for you.

Never compare your relationship to any other couple, as everyone has their own, different story to tell.

Wedding Jitters And How To Resolve Them

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  • There is still no concrete plan

Another common reason why couples feel wedding jitters is not having a concrete plan for their future considering that the wedding will happen in a few weeks. Where will you live? Who will handle the finances? How many children would you like  to have? How would you communicate with your relatives and so on.

To manage this wedding jitter, it is highly important that before your big day, you discuss the huge changes that will happen in your life. Of course, anyone would fear a new lifestyle but this is something you have to face when you get married.

  • The possible abuse

If you were previously hurt by your groom, this will also bring wedding jitters. Hurt does not necessarily be physically but also mentally and emotionally. You always have to listen to your heart, and if you think you need a therapist help, do not hesitate to consider it.

You would never consider getting married to a man or a woman you are not confident or you do not trust.

Things To Get Rid Of The Wedding Jitters

You might be asking how can you get rid of these wedding jitters? As previously said, butterflies on your stomach is only normal but if there are serious reasons behind it, you have to take action.

Moving on, below are some of the good ways to handle wedding jitters:

  • Remember about all the good

Remind yourself why did you say yes to your partner’s proposal. Think about the good, even the bad memories. You sure are marrying this person because you see all the qualities of a man/woman you are looking for. You may want to reminisce the times you were together, your holidays, vacations, and date nights. Look at your photos and remind yourself how happy you were

  • Discuss your feelings

Speak to your soon to be spouse about everything you feel. There is no better person to talk about your hesitations and feelings that the person you will marry. You never know, he/she might have the same feeling and resolving it together may be a good idea. This will give you the opportunity to know your partner deeper

  • Grab enough sleep and relax

Sure, some are anxious not because they are anxious but because they are tired and exhausted. If you are juggling from your work to wedding preparations, you have to be strategic and find a way to relax and get enough sleep. Do not give tight schedule as an excuse of not resting. Anyway, you do not want to look haggard on your big day, so better relax

  • Quality time with your partner

Spend some time together with your soon to be spouse and not discuss about wedding. Yes of course, your wedding will happen in just a few weeks, but that does not mean you will talk about it every day or every time you are together. Give both of you a break from the wedding preparation. Go to the cinema, eat out, and talk about how your day was at work and remove wedding planning out of the conversation

  • Reduce the stress

If the one that is depressing you is your guests, please remove it. It is your wedding and there is no other people to best enjoy this day than you and your spouse of course. Let things be, if you hate the attention, then do not walk down the aisle, there are many kinds of wedding ceremonies available where walking down the aisle is not part of the ceremony. If you hate the crowd, then go for a small wedding instead. Do what you want and choose a wedding that would give you comfort and genuine happiness

  • Ask for help if needed

If you need to think things over because of serious matters, go speak to a therapist. You should never push yourself to getting married if in the first place you are not ready or you are not sure about the person you are getting married to

Do not stress yourself too much, there are many ways that can make a wedding memorable, to know more tips, read our The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide.


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