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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

A wedding is an event to cherish and celebrate. As the bride and the groom, you have to make sure that everything will be gone as planned. Same as with your wedding dress, you want it perfect and something that would amaze everyone and envy you. To make the wedding-worthy to remember, you have to make sure that planning is done rightfully.

Wedding planning should be done rightfully or else, you might end up with a very expensive wedding but good as trash and worthy of forgetting. Planning right is the key to make sure that you will have the wedding you are dreaming of.

There could be many articles out there discussing the things you must do to plan your wedding right, this article on the other hand will tell you things you must avoid when planning your wedding.

Things To Avoid When Planning For A Wedding

So, what are the things you must avoid when planning for your wedding? Here are they:

  • You work on the wedding planning first before setting a budget to spend

You would never want to travel far and visit a beautiful wedding venue or try on all the beautiful gowns you will see without a fixed budget. You are just putting yourself in a possible broken heart. Even how beautiful the venue is, if you cannot afford it, you have no choice but to drop it off from your list. Do not fall in love with something that you have no idea whether you can afford or not.

Set your budget first before starting to plan. You can divide your budget accordingly, to the wedding venue, wedding attires, food, favors, etc., before you decide where and when to shop.

Tip: There are many ways you can do to have an affordable wedding, do not force yourself to spend on something you cannot afford.

  • Not planning for unavoidable circumstances

You have to make sure that you are ready when your first plan did not work out. For an outdoor wedding,s for example, you need to know what to do in case the rain pours. Of course, you are hoping and crossing your fingers it won’t happen but you always have to plan for the worse.

You can speak with the venue owner and ask for an alternative in case rain falls during your wedding day, for sure, there are many wedding days where rain comes unexpectedly and they are already used to preparing for possible action.

Tip: The wedding venue may ask for an additional charge, refundable or possibly not, needless to say, you have to take it.

  • Do not underestimate the cost of weddings

Sure, you can enjoy a cheap wedding but even how you try to cut your expenses there is a chance that it will blow out of proportion. Make sure that you are ready for any expenses and never cut what you save short as unexpected expenses may come along the way.

Tip: Even with how well you plan your wedding, there are unexpected expenses that may come before, during, and after the wedding, hence it is best if you spare some allowance on your budget.

  • Do not plan for a very lengthy wedding

Sure, the couple is very excited about this moment, so planning for a very long celebration is something they commit wrongfully. Do not think about a very long ceremony or a pre-vow cocktail, a 5-hour wedding is more than enough to showcase your loved ones the beautiful love story you and your groom share.

  • Avoid inviting more than what the venue can handle

Give your guests enough space to dance and mingle with each other. Do now overcrowd them. Venues will provide the number of guests it can accommodate, you can go below that but you must not go beyond that count.

You would not want to celebrate your wedding in a place where almost everyone, including you, cannot move.

  • Giving guests with not enough information

One of the things you have to make sure of is all your guests are well informed about your wedding details. You do not want anyone getting lost or not being able to attend your wedding because they were not informed of the exact date and time of the wedding.

Sending the complete information of your wedding’s whereabouts is a must.

Tip: Make sure that you leave your lines open for questions and inquiries about your wedding details.

  • Signing any contract that has no complete details

Make sure that you do not sign any contract unless you have completely read its policies, package inclusions, exclusions, and warranties. You would not want to end up broken-hearted as you failed to get the service you are expecting.

Tip: To make sure you understand the contract fully, bring it home, read the contract carefully, and ask relevant questions before signing.

  • Trying to please almost everyone or everyone on your guest list

One of the reasons why planning is taking so long is because the couple is trying to please everyone on their guest list. That gesture could be sweet but unfortunately, it will not help you at all when deciding.

It is your wedding, so it is only right that what you have to prioritize is what you and your soon to be husband wants.

Tip: For the food options, make sure that there is a variety of food they can choose from, but you do not need to consider everyone’s allergens or food preference.

  • Thinking that about 10% of people who say Yes on RSVP will not attend

What other couples would do is invite more than the limit of their budget can afford, they assume that 10% of people who say yes on their guest list will not come anyway. Here is the thing, there is a chance that a few may not be able to show up but there is a big chance that you will get 100% attendance.

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