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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Shoes

One of the things that brides get too excited about is shopping for their wedding shoes. Some get too excited to the point that they spent a lot of time choosing which shoes to wear on their big day. There is nothing wrong about it, it is your wedding, and making everything perfect, from the head down to your toe is a sweet idea.

Some say that shoes are not as important, as it is hidden under your long gown. That is not the case as shoes are as important as other accessories on your wedding, set of jewelry, crown, and the like.

If you are on the verge of getting stressed because of shoes, follow this guide and make your wedding shoes shopping easy and fast.

Guide to buying wedding shoes

Below are some of the guide to follow when shopping for your wedding shoes:

  • Buy early

One of the things brides forget is buying a pair of nice shoes to wear at their wedding. They end up buying this important accessory a week or lesser before their big day. Rush buying will lead you to get any shoes that you see on the stand, not considering important factors like the wedding

theme, comfort, and personal preference.

The size of the foot does not change as much, so buying earlier is not a bad idea at all.

  • Consider the venue

The venue of your wedding must be highly considered when buying wedding shoes. You would never want to wear stilettos on the beach or flat sandals on a grand wedding hall. Make sure that your shoes will fit perfectly not only on your feet but the venue of your wedding as well.

The venue is decided earlier than other wedding needs, once you have decided on the place to hold your wedding, you can already start scouting for shoes.

  • Comfort

Yes please, give comfort high importance when choosing shoes to wear at your wedding. Find the shoes that can let you walk, dance, and move with ease. You would never want to give yourself a difficult time walking and moving to your wedding. Find the right size of shoes, height, and material.

Do not be afraid to try as many sizes of shoes as possible. After purchasing the shoes, you can practice walking on it from time to time until your big day, or until you get the best comfort using it.

Tip: Trying in the shoes, even how expensive it is, does not require you to buy it.

  • Complementing your style

Make sure that the shoes you will wear complement your personality. You would not want to go for too wild shoes if you are reserved and shy as you won’t be able to carry it too well. You can go for simple and elegant shoes.

Go for shoes that you can carry well. Do not try to be different, although possible, if you are not comfortable with it.

Also, the color and style of the shoes must work great with the wedding theme and wedding gown as well.

  • Price

Do not go for shoes that you cannot afford. There are many shoes out there that are cheap yet elegant and beautiful. There are a lot of other expenses to pay for your wedding, and a pair of shoes must not add up to that too much. If you can afford to buy an expensive pair of shoes, you can go ahead and do so, but if not, do not bother.

Also, if you have an existing shoe that can be used for your wedding, it is best if you consider that. Do not hesitate to reuse shoes, especially if your wedding gown is long and the shoes look decent.

  • Choose a pair of shoes that can make you feel beautiful

Yes, some shoes make you feel beautiful when you are wearing it. Choose a pair that would add to your confidence. It does not need to be too high or too elegant. As long as it is flattering your overall appeal, it is a good choice.

It is not just your appearance that can make you look beautiful at your wedding but also your confidence and how you feel.

  • To wear or not to wear it again (for sentimental value reasons)

If you want to save and get a higher value for your money, buy shoes that you can wear for other occasions. If you are the sentimental type, you can buy shoes that you can use only for wedding purpose and keep it as a remembrance of this momentous day. Either way is possible, it is your budget, our personal preference that can decide on it.

Choosing wedding shoes is very critical for a wedding, so shopping for it must be taken seriously.


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