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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Speech Order You Should Know

After walking down the aisle in your best wedding dress, taking the vows, and officially getting married, wedding receptions are all about you, the newlyweds who are entirely in love, but still, a lot is going on.

Once your wedding ceremony is over, the day can go very fast from a dignified into one that is uproarious but in a positive way. The toast might be the only thing that will be done when all the guests are seated, focused, and hashed on one thing at the same time, and having the right order for the wedding speeches will ensure that the wedding reception is able to flow on properly.

  • The best man: You might be thinking that, as the best man, your duty is all about planning the bachelor party and nothing else. But there are other best man duties that you will need to prepare yourself for with the best man speech being one of them. When it comes to arranging the wedding reception speech order, the one for the best man has to come first.

The best man has to introduce himself and explain his relationship with the couple. As a best man, you can tell a story of how you and the groom have been friends since preparatory school and how you were able to meet the bride during your spring junior college year.

You can then add something positive about the newlyweds and their relationship and finish by showing gratitude for being chosen to be a part of their big day and wish them well in their new journey of life as a married couple

  • Maid of honor: While thinking about the people who are going to give speeches at the wedding celebrations, the maid of honor has to always be top of mind. While the speech outline of the maid of honor can be like that of the best man, it is best to focus on the bride.

Being the maid of honor, draw your speech from your past experiences together with the bride. Tell of a heartwarming or a humorous story from your friendship. It can even be something that happened during the planning of the wedding.

It could be that the veil delivery was delayed until the day before the wedding, or it was a nightmare putting together the favors.  You have to bring how the bride was able to remain calm in all the storms. It will be a plus for the bride as it brings out that she is a patient and enduring person.

  • Parents from both sides: If one set or both sets of parents are hosting the wedding, they might decide to say a few words to welcome all the guests present as part of their speech. It is a wedding toast that is fairly fast, especially if, during the rehearsal dinner, they had made some lengthy or even heartwarming speeches. The bride’s father speech or the toast of the parents is all about welcoming and thanking the guests, and they will then raise glasses to the newlyweds and the other set of parents
  • The couple: As a couple, you might opt to make a speech or toast, especially if you are the ones hosting the wedding celebrations. The purpose of your toast is to give wedding thank you to your guests and all those involved in the preparation including, the family, friends, bridal party, and the guests.

As a couple, you can decide to express your excitement about starting your new life together as man and wife. It is a part that is optional, but it will be sweet if you did it. But in case you are hesitant about making a speech in front of a crowd, you can do it while seated at a table during the reception, to show those present that you truly appreciate their presence.

Wedding toast content and length

  • Ensure that it is brief with two minutes being the maximum: Even if the speakers have a lot to say, talking for more than two minutes might make the guests to be bored as it is a long time when people are in a celebratory mood. You only need to convey one message: a story, a wish to the couple, or a dedication of a lyric. A speech that is considered best doesn’t have to be perfect and eloquent worded; instead, it needs to evoke emotion. A toast that is short and simple can as well be filled with a lot of charm.
  • About what to say, you need to make the newlyweds and the guests smile simultaneously: An inside story might make the couple amused, but the crowd might not get anything out of it. If you are not sure if the freshman story will amuse everyone, abandon it; parents, children, and grandparents are listening. Avoid humor that might be insulting. Remember that it is a toast and not a roast.
  • Extra and alternative speechmakers: As a couple, you have your relationships and preferences when it comes to whom you want to give out a speech and toast, and you should never force someone to give one. If the maid of honor or the best man is not comfortable speaking in front of people, or you don’t even have a best man or maid of honor, you can skip or give someone else who loves speaking in front of a crowd. If several people want to make a toast and speeches, consider utilizing the traditional way of toast when planning so that most of them can speak during the wedding rehearsal dinner.
  • Rehearsal dinner toasts: It is the father of the groom or the person who is paying for the rehearsal dinner, who will make a speech together with anyone else who feels like toast but will not have a chance at the wedding. Because fewer people will attend the rehearsal, the toasts can be long and more involving as compared to those given at the wedding.

Let those you have planned to give speeches and toasts know in advance so that they can organize themselves and be ready for it. Avoid ambushing someone at the wedding to give a toast or speech. Use the guide to make them organized. For other information on wedding toasts and speeches, check the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


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