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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Speech Order

Wedding is one of the most special moments not only to the bride but the groom’s life as well. If the bride is busy choosing the wedding dress she will wear on this big day, the groom on the other hand is also looking for the attire that could make him stand out. Out of the many options available, it is wiser if you take as much time as you need to ensure that the wedding attire you will wear would match your body and preference perfectly.

Other than the attire that the groom and the bride would wear on their big day, it is their wedding program that makes them busy. What kind of entertainment would you like to give away to your guests? Are you planning to invite a band or a local musician? Are you planning to give your guests a dance performance? Giving your guests great entertainment is without a doubt a great way to make them happy and merry at your wedding.

Part of the program you have to consider is the speeches. At your wedding, you would like to hear messages from people that are close to your heart. Messages do not come only from one or two guests, but five or even more.

Have you ever think about who should be talking first? Here is a wedding speech order you may want to consider.

  • The Best Man

The best man is not only there to set up the stag party or stand with the groom as she waits for her bride. The best man is also assigned to give away a good speech at the wedding. It does not need to be lengthy but at least enough to give the guests good information about the groom. The best man can share to the guests a few stories about him and the groom, like how long have they been friends, some naughty things they did in the past (but not something that might humiliate the groom), how they met the bride and so on.

  • The Maid Of Honor

The maid of honor on the other hand will give almost the same speech content as the best man only that it is about the bride. This is her chance to introduce the bride to the crowd, how sweet she is with her friends, how she wants to be taken care of, how she loves her family, and so on. The Maid of Honor should not hold back in giving away the guests a good glimpse of who the bride really is. There can be many people from the crowd who know the bride but still, there are some of them who barely know her.

  • Parents of any of the couple

It can be both of the parents or anyone who hosts the wedding. This is the time that the parents give a thank you remark to all the guests who come to the wedding, welcome the spouse of their child to the family, and share a toast to his/her parents. It does not need to be both of the parents as it can be just the father or just the mother of either the groom or the bride.

  • Anyone special to you and your spouse

You may or may not request someone else to give a speech for you and your spouse. These are the people who became an inspiration to you and your spouse, or someone you run to when you have problems. Let the person you give high respect to say something about your wedding.

  • The couple

The couple would also have to give a speech to thank all the guests for coming to their wedding. Same as with the parents, it can be both the groom and the bride or the groom or the bride, whichever they prefer to consider.

Tips to the couple speech: It is best that they give a special mention to people who came from faraway places, their sponsors, their vendors, their parents, and anyone else who made their special day successful.

You can have any or all of the above deliver a speech at your wedding. The decision is up for you to make.

Meanwhile, there are things you have to keep in mind about this wedding speech order and to name some of them, read below:

  • Loss of time

There can be many delays that happen during the wedding ceremony or early part of the reception, hence not letting all the speakers lined up to give their word for the couple.

If this happens, you may want to stick with just the traditional, which is the maid of honor, best man, parents of the couple, and the couple. You do not need to invite any speakers to give a speech.

  • Do not force anyone to give a message if they are not comfortable

Although the best man and maid of honor should understand that it is their duty to give away a message at the reception, you cannot force them if they do not want to. Instead of forcing them, have someone you know can do they supposedly work better. You do not need to change your maid of honor or best man, but you can choose another person to speak on their behalf.

  • Give your speakers instructions

It is necessary that you give them instructions, like how long can they own the microphone, what are the things you do not want them to discuss, which part of the program would they be giving their speech and not to get drunk until they are all done with their message.

Giving clear instructions is necessary so that the program will run smoothly.

A wedding will never be complete if there are not enough speakers telling stories about the groom and the bride. Choosing your speakers should also be done wisely and strategically. Meanwhile, for other tips you may want to know about wedding preparation and the wedding itself, click this link:


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Photo by Emma Bauso

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