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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Superstitions You Can or Cannot Follow

There are so many things to think about your wedding, your wedding dress, your guests, the venue, food and so much more. Apart from the usual things you have to take care of, there are some who also think about wedding superstitions. There are just so many and following them can be a challenge for some. Would you care following the superstition or would you not care? The decision is actually for you to make.

Wedding Superstitions

Just to guide you through some of the most popular wedding superstitions, read below:

  • Dates and day to avoid

Yes, of course, some claim that there are lucky days and months of the year to marry. For others, they say Friday is not a good day to tie the knot as it may bring many fights in the relationships. Also, Friday the 13th or the 13th,  in particular, is not a good day to marry as 13 is being connected to bad luck.

It is all up to you whether to follow it or not, but anyway, this is just a few days out of the 30 days in a month, so not testing your fate is a good idea.

  • Do not sleep together the night before your big day

Whether you are already living together or not, sleeping together the night before your big day is something that the couple should avoid. Whatever the reason may be, they claim that it is bad luck.

Again, it is just one night and besides, the element of surprise is much better if you haven’t seen each other at least for a night. The walking down the aisle scene is more dramatic if you miss each other.

  • Something old, new, borrowed, and blue

These 4 things are most of the time incorporated with the bride’s outfit. Some will just follow this belief even if they do not know the meaning of it. So, what is the old signifies? It signifies the old life of the bride, something new is obviously the new life with her soon to be husband. They say that something borrowed is best from someone who has a very successful marriage so her luck will be rubbed into yours. Something blue on the other hand is for a long-lasting relationship and fidelity.

You can incorporate all these in a beautiful brooch or a hair accessory. Actually, if you are creative enough, these can make you look more beautiful.

  • No wearing of pearls

They said that if the brides wear pearls at her wedding, it will cause her many tears in her married life. Instead of pearls, wear diamonds and crystals as it represents purity and transparency.

  • Keep the groom’s tie straight

They say that when the groom’s tie is not straight or is crooked, he will not be faithful to his marriage. Whether it is true or not, there is nothing wrong if you ask one of your bridesmaids to check on your groom’s tie if it is straight.

  • Rain on your wedding day

This may not be the most ideal for couples who planned for an outdoor wedding, but they say, rain on a wedding brings good luck, fertility, and a shower of blessings. Just in case you pray for rain to come, make sure that you have a backup plan, or else your wedding will be a major disaster.

  • Whoever catches the bouquet will be the next person to get married

Who will be the next bride? They say that the person who catches the bouquet will marry next. This can be a bit grey, as there are a lot of single ladies who were able to catch bouquets at weddings but are still single up to this time. But needless to say, there is nothing wrong with enjoying this cute and fun superstitious belief.

  • Wedding gifts

The guest may think that you both love to cook so she decided to give you a knife as a gift. Unfortunately, as per the beliefs of others, this will bring bad luck and broken relationships. Freaky as it may sound, but just for the sake of following this belief, better remove knives out of your gift registry.

  • Ringing of bells

This is an old tradition for Irish weddings. They will ring bells to keep a harmonious relationship intact all throughout the relationship and to keep the bad spirits away.

  • The groom must not see the bride before the wedding

This is one of the most popular superstitious beliefs, the bride must not be seen by the groom until she walks down the aisle. This was actually popular because of fixed marriages. The father of the bride fears that when the groom sees the bride for the first time, he will back-out and run. Actually, this is not something to believe in if you are already dating for a long time, but again, the element of surprise and more dramatic entrance is best if you do not see each other while fixing yourself for the wedding.

  • Throwing rice on the groom and the bride after the wedding

This is another old superstition that some still follow. They believe that the rice symbolizes fertility, and throwing it to the newlyweds will bring them many children and tons of blessings. Just so you know, not all places or venues allow this tradition, hence make sure to ask before you include it at your wedding.

  • Do not look at yourself in a full mirror once you are on your wedding dress already

This is one of the least popular superstitions, looking at yourself in a full-length mirror is not good when you are all ready and set. There is no clear explanation why this is not allowed but to cut the story short, they say that this will bring the couple bad luck.

Whether you follow or not these superstitions, the important part of the marriage is the unity of two hearts and commitment that the relationship will go on through thick and thin. To know more about weddings, click this link: https://www.callablanche.com/post/ultimate-wedding-day-checklist.


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