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Wedding Traditions And Etiquettes You Can Break

Wedding Traditions And Etiquettes You Can Break

When planning for your wedding, you might have heard a lot of “you should not do this”, “you should wear that”, and “you must not say this” and so on. Wondering what wedding traditions and etiquettes you can break? There is nothing wrong if you still go with the traditions your parents are pushing you to do. However, following traditions is never a requirement. You can wear the wedding dress you want to wear, walk how you want and do everything you want at your wedding. It is your most special day and being happy on this day is your utmost priority.

There are just many things you have to take care of your wedding. Thus stressing about what wedding traditions and etiquettes you need to follow should not be on your list.

To help you our, here are some of wedding traditions and etiquettes you can break!

  • It is the parents of the bride who will take care of all the expenses

This has not been being followed for a long time already. Now, it is not only the parents of the bride who are in charge of paying the wedding bills. Although there are still some who follow the tradition, it is also the couple’s decision on who to pay for whom.

They can decide on slashing the wedding bill equally to both of them. Needless to say, there is still nothing wrong if they want to get a bit of help from their parents. The bottom line, the bride’s parents are now not required to pay the bill. They sure can but it can never be forced.

Wedding Traditions And Etiquettes You Can Break

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  • Everyone should get a plus one

Gone by the days when everyone can tag along with a friend or their partner to a wedding. Now, if the invitation says one, you have no choice either to go solo or not to go. But, the guests can always speak with the couple if they can still accommodate plus one, if not, then the guest has to respect the couple’s decision.

Before couples are having a hard time to decline plus one request, now, with the right reasoning it is easier to turn down such favors. If the couple cannot afford to invite one more, then they do not need to stretch their budget anymore.

  • An all adult wedding is a bit rude

Who said so? If before, you are required to allow children at your wedding, now you can decide not to have children at your wedding. See, there are disadvantages if there are children at weddings, like people cannot concentrate on the wedding program since a child is on the floor crying or there are instances that the children destruct a supposedly beautiful photo.

There are some couples who prefer an all adult wedding because they want peace and discipline on their big day, if this is what the couple wants, it should be given.

  • It is not right to ask for cash gifts

Why would you ask for physical gifts if you already have all that you need for your home? Asking for cash gifts is now okay provided that the request will be asked properly and strategically. Including this on your invitation is a bit awkward, hence create a wedding website where you can have this information posted. Also, if you want this favor successful, you have to let your guests know where you plan to use your cash so they will feel like they are part of your planning making them more motivated to give cash.

If you want to ask for cash on your big day, do not hold back, ask. It is a favor that they can possibly grant.

  • The mother of the bride can’t host her daughter’s bridal shower

Sure, she can. Anyone who wants to give the bride a party is welcome. There are no restrictions. This event is now not only for single ladies but all ladies who want to be there for the bride and want to express how happy they are for her. Whoever wants to surprise the bride is welcome to do so. There are no limitations as everyone is welcome to do it. This indeed is a great and interesting idea to consider.

  • You need to have a rehearsal dinner

Who says that you need to have a rehearsal dinner? It is not a must anymore. This party anyway is to give thanks to all the people who worked hard to make the wedding a success. Also, for others, a rehearsal dinner is where the parents of the couple first meet. This is an important event to celebrate but if you do not have time to prepare or you do not have money to spare, by all means, you can exclude this from your post-wedding events.

Instead of rehearsal dinner, you can invite your bridal party out for dinner or a BBQ at home. You can also have your parents meet early on or even before the wedding preparation began.

  • Only the wedding party can attend the bachelor and bachelorette party

No, not anymore. Anyone who is not part of the wedding party can attend the bachelor or bachelorette party. All the singles ladies and men that are close and important to the bride and the groom are welcome to celebrate this event with them.

Although most of the time it is the wedding party hosting this event. Needless to say, that should not eliminate their other close friends from coming.

  • You need to leave the venue immediately after the program for your honeymoon

This is an older tradition that modern couples tend to skip. The bride and the groom can stay at the venue as long as they want and party with all their guests. And yes, they can still go home before going on their honeymoon to relax.

There are so many things you have to think about your wedding, which wedding traditions and etiquettes to break is just one of them, to know more, check The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide!


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