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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Types To Consider If You Want A Small Celebration

Whether you have always planned to adorn yourself in the best wedding dress in a small wedding or your circumstances just forced you to change tune about a big wedding, you are in the right place. While it might seem like having a large wedding is widespread, most wedding planners believe that most couples prefer to scale down things to a smaller wedding for various reasons.

If you are starting with your wedding planning, it is easier to plan a smaller wedding than a big one. Bearing in mind that significant wedding planning is considered as a second full-time job when you are less stressed while planning your wedding is a plus for you as a couple.

Smaller weddings are also perfect as they allow you to spend more time with your guests. Such type of weddings is more intimate, allowing for great connection which is very important.

Small weddings tend to be cost-effective, which might benefit you, especially if you are planning to make big purchases after your wedding day, like a car or a house. When guests are few, it equals to fewer costs, and while it does not always apply to everything for your weddings such as music and photography, there are things which are pegged on a headcount of the guests, which, if the count is down, then you save, such as seat down dinner  – it is per plate cost.

There are times when weddings feel like a show and thus, if you are an introvert or private couple, going for a small wedding might work well for you and be make you more comfortable.  If you decide that you want a small wedding, your planner would want to know how small do you want your event to be. The type of small wedding you require will also be a decision you will need to make.  There are a variety of small weddings to choose from.

For you to be guided so that you settle for the right small wedding, the following are a breakdown of the type of small weddings you can decide for.

  • A mini wedding: Also referred to as petite or tiny weddings, the mini wedding is a lot like the way you imagined it. You should not have more than 50 guests. You will still conduct a legal wedding ceremony, followed by a cocktail hour, dinner, and then dancing, which might be limited to just the couple together with their parents.
  • Micro wedding: It is a wedding, which is smaller than what you might think of as average. It could have a guest count of about 20 people or less. It is just like a regular wedding ceremony with the standard features such as a band, a DJ, a florist, and anything else that you want to incorporate into your wedding day except that, the list of guests is small. With the small number of guests will below. With that, you, as the couple, are allowed to have a wedding experience that you have always dreamt about at a cost that is much lower because of the smaller guest list.
  • An elopement wedding: Traditionally, it was considered that elopements to be something that is done by couples on their own. It was done in the way of escaping from family and friends. But in modern days, elopements have become common, and they involve more than the couple. Few guests are included, but not more than ten guests.

It is a ceremony that takes place just like any other formal event but can comprise of a simple dinner reception. There is a lot to consider when thinking of going the elopement way, especially if it is a destination where you are away from where you usually stay.

Elopements are known to have a little lead time like days or at most, weeks which can be tricky, especially during such a time like the pandemic of Covid19 where courts might be closed, and thus, no way to obtain a marriage license quickly.

  • Minimony: It is a ceremony that is most preferred by professionals as a strategic yet novel concept. During a minimony, it is almost like an elopement typically steroid involving few guests with all focus on the ceremony. It is currently gaining traction with most couples having to postpone weddings due to pandemic and still want to marry now and have a reception.
  • A popup wedding: It is a wedding type which is new in the market involving more than one couple. There is a beautiful pre-determined wedding setting created on a particular day. You are to pick a time frame where you together with your guests who should not be more than 30, gather as a witness to your ceremony. There is a limited timeframe in your chosen venue, and you will need to leave to create room for the next couple. Though it is a short affair, it might be ideal if you want to save on costs without having to sacrifice quality.
  • Social distance wedding: With the Covid19 pandemic, it has become next to impossible for couples to go on with what they regard as a traditional wedding ceremony, where guests can gather, mingle and be at close range with one another. It has made created social distancing weddings. They are smaller weddings, combined with virtual interaction. It ensures that the couples have several guests who attend their wedding ceremony virtually without an increase in the size of the wedding or the number of guests who come in person.
  • Virtual weddings: Because of the Covid19, there has been a rise in virtual weddings. It is a wedding where the couple plus the guests are in a virtual setting. It means that everyone is behind a computer screen in the comfort of their homes but still attending. It can just be a ceremony, but there are companies now making it possible to create an actual wedding day that is virtual.

Whichever wedding type that you decide on,  you will need to be kind and patient with yourself. No matter how you make your vows to the love of your life, remember, that, what matters most is that, you will end up with the love of your life at the end of the altar. Update yourself more about other types of weddings by checking the ultimate bride’s survival guide.


Photo by Brooke Lark

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