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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Veil

Finally, the day you have been waiting for a long time has come. This event may happen only once in your lifetime, so making everything perfect is what your goal should be. On your wedding day, aiming to be the most beautiful version of yourself is a good idea. Of course, it will all start on your wedding gown, then to your accessories and your veil.

When choosing a veil, enough time is necessary to ensure that you get the perfect one for you.


Different wedding veil designs by length

There are many wedding designs to choose from, and to name some of them, read below:


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This wedding veil is about four to nine inches long. This covers just your eyes, fall up to your jawline or skim of your nose. It is most of the time made of laces or nets. Some also call this veil as the bandeau veil.

Shoulder Length

Just like the name of the veil suggests, this veil hits the shoulders. This is a perfect choice for brides who want to achieve a traditional look and want to emphasize her wedding gown. The length of this veil style is from twenty to twenty-two inches.

Blusher Wedding

Some call a blusher wedding veil as wedge veil or angle veil. This offers lesser traditional appeal with a touch of a vintage look. This falls over your face and ends somewhere on top of your wedding dress. The length of it can be up to around 30 inches.

Elbow Wedding

This veil, on the other hand, can be as long as 32 inches. This is a perfect veil for conservative brides who want to cover up elegantly and beautifully. Yes, the length is up to the elbows.

Fingertip Veil

This is one of the most popular choices for brides as it looks elegant, classy, and stylish. This 38 to 40-inch veil can give the back of your gown a dramatic effect. It falls up to the hips of the bride making it look sexy and nice.

Knee Length

No need to say more, as the knee length veil falls up to the knees. This provides elegance and drama without giving you an added weight. This can be adjusted according to your liking, it can be longer or fall right to your knees. This can give brides of any height the liberty to choose the length they want.

Waltz Wedding

Others call it ballet veil, this is a perfect choice for brides who want to keep their veil on even during the reception with the chance to move freely and comfortably. This falls up to your mid-calf and can be up to 60 inches long.

Floor Length

This wedding veil can be as long as 72 inches. This veil matches the length of your gown. This can be very long for others but some still choose this option as it looks sexy and seductive.

Chapel wedding

If you want a veil a bit longer than your gown, the chapel wedding veil is a perfect choice. Walking down the aisle with this 90-inch trail can be very dramatic and beautiful.

Cathedral wedding

This wedding veil runs up to 108 to 120 inches. The drama, elegance, and sophistication of this trail are unbeatable.


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Things to remember when choosing a wedding veil

  • Think about your budget

You may think that a wedding veil is cheap, but wait until you check on its price tag. Just like wedding gowns, a veil can go from very affordable to very expensive, thus when choosing a veil to wear, it is only necessary that you consider how much money you can spare for it.

  • Consider the style of your hair

The veil placement may look different on different hairstyles. Ask your wedding designer and your hairstylist for the perfect length and design of the veil to wear. Let the experts decide on it. If you have a definite length of the veil in mind, it is best, if you tell it to your hairstylist right away, so he/she can plan for a hairstyle that would suit it well.

It is best if you try different veils while in your wedding gown. The last thing you want to happen is your veil overpowering the look of your gown. Also, the look of the wedding gown may change drastically with the veil, so trying it on is advised.

  • Consider the style of your wedding gown

Just like shoes and other accessories, not all veils fit all styles of wedding dress. Choose a veil that would complement well to your wedding gown and not the other way round. Most of the time, the couturier will decide on the length of the veil and he/she will get approval from the soon-to-be-bride.


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