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The Bride’s Survival Guide: Wedding Website Must Have

When preparing a wedding, there are so many things you have to think of, it is not only your wedding dress that can make your wedding special but the vendors, your guests, and a lot of others. Planning can be hard and stressful to accomplish more so the execution, so you have to be a bit patient if you want to achieve a great end result.

One of the things you have to make sure of is ensuring that everyone is well informed about your wedding, you might be asking how to do that, simply have a wedding website. There are so many reasons why couples decide to have a wedding website, and one of them is an assurance that every information will be cascaded rightfully to all their guests across in the most convenient manner.

You might be asking by now, what are the things you need to include on your wedding website. To help you get started creating a perfect wedding website, here are some of the things you need to put on your website.

Wedding Site Must Have

  • Crucial wedding details

This is one of the obvious reasons why would you go for a wedding website, to ensure that everyone knows every detail of your wedding. What are the important details your guests need to know? Start with the Who, When, and Where questions. Basically all the information you will write on your invitation-only that consists of more information. The more information you can share, the better. Do not hold back giving details about your wedding on your website. If there are any changes like location or time, update the site immediately.

  • Gift registry info

This can be the most subtle way to ask your guests the gifts you want to receive on your wedding day. You can also consider a honeymoon registry if you cannot think of any material thing you want to receive.

  • Personal touches

This is your website, so it is only right that you make it personalized or something that can best describe you, your love story, and your life. Give your guests a glimpse of your love story and make the site like a book of your love story. You should not worry about it as your guests would understand it anyway.

  • Directions

Just to make sure everything will arrive on time and without any problems, give them directions. Direct them to which route they need to pass on or which way they need to go if they are going there using public transportation. You would not want them to get lost especially that they already exerted a lot of effort in just being there.

Best if the directions are easy and simple to follow. Do not give your guests a hard time reaching your venue.

  • Hotel room number and information

If you reserve hotel rooms for your guests from different cities or states, this is the right place to say it so. Include on your site the complete name of the hotel, the room numbers, and the address. If there is a charge they need to pay, this is also the right place to say it.

Make sure that rates, including discount codes and deadlines, are well noted. If the rooms are all sold out, do not forget to upgrade your site so that your guests are aware if they need to find a different booking.

  • Things they can enjoy

This space is for your guests who are coming from different states. Sure, they do not have plans of staying just inside their hotel rooms, they definitely want to get the opportunity to tour around the city. This space is to give your guests suggestions with the best places they can go to. Just to make their tour options more exciting, you can send a link to places where they can go so they would know whether the place is good for them to visit.

  • Wedding party

Why not give your guests a glimpse of the names of your wedding party? Not only just the names but best put pictures on each. Share your guests a short bio of how you become friends or why did you choose that particular person.

Writing as much information as you can is nice, anyway, it is free. This will surely melt your wedding party’s heart.

  • Wedding vendors

Just to set the expectations of your guests, consider including on your website the wedding vendors. Who will cater to food, who will do the photography, and so on? Let them know the wedding vendors who will be attending your wedding. This is also a good way to let these vendors know they are appreciated.

Do not put just their business name but also what they offer, their expertise, and their address and contact information too.

  • Wedding sponsors

Just in case you have wedding sponsors, make sure to include them on your wedding website. Anyway, this can be one of the things you included in your proposal so better do it. After posting their business on the site make sure that you show it to them so they know that you are really doing what is agreed.

Anyway, this can make them more motivated to help you have a happy and exciting wedding celebration.

  • An FAQ tab

Just to avoid questions, have a tab for FAQ. This is where you will place all the possible questions that may arise. This is also to avoid any questions that may come across.

Other than the FAQ tab, you may also want to open a chat where everyone can post their comments, questions, and inquiries. This is a good way for your guests to communicated and blend well even before the wedding day comes.

There are many things you can do for your wedding preparation to make it fun and at the same time easy. There are articles where you can read different wedding survival guide that can let you plan your wedding smoothly and easily if want to know more about other tips? Click on this link: https://www.callablanche.com/post/the-ultimate-brides-survival-guide/


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