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What To Do If Almost Everyone You Are Inviting Is Saying No Marty Leonard Thanh Thanh Vietnamese Wedding Photographer 0887 1

What To Do If Almost Everyone You Are Inviting Is Saying No

What to do if almost everyone you are inviting is saying no? There are many things a bride should prepare on her wedding day, apart from her wedding dress. She needs to speak with the vendors, visit many venues, and do the food tasting, and a lot more. Although stressful, it is very fun and exciting not just for the bride but for her partner as well.

The wedding preparation can be very stressful but what will make things more stressful is when there are so many guests saying no to your invite. Of course, you want all your invited guests to be there. However, there are things that may stop or limit them from going, like an important family affair, work, and so on. 

It is truly heartbreaking if there are a lot of people saying no to your invitation. But it is what it is, you have no choice but to move on and think about a good plan. There are many ways you can cope with this not so good situation. Here’s what to do if almost everyone you are inviting is saying no!

  • You have to make sure that at least your VIPs are there

You have to be honest, not everyone on your guest list is close to you or important to be there. It can be your parent’s cousin or friend who cannot come, who cares, the event will run exactly as is even if they will not be there.

What To Do If Almost Everyone You Are Inviting Is Saying No

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But, you have to make sure that all the important persons in your life will be there, like your siblings, favorite relatives, your best friend, and the entire wedding party. These people should all be there as their absence will make a huge impact on your wedding.

  • Recheck your budget

Revisiting your budget is a good idea when a lot of guests are backing out. Always remember that the fewer your guests, the less expense you have to shell out. This being said, you can splurge on things that you cannot afford before because you invited a lot of guests.

Take this opportunity to add a dessert buffet table, rent your dream wedding car, or go to places on your honeymoon that are not included on your first plan.

Do not get too frustrated if there are a lot of people saying no as there are good things this can bring.

  • Time to visit your guest list B

You sure have a lot of people you want to invite but you cannot because your initial guest list is full, now that there are a lot from your original guest list is saying no, it is time that you visit the list of guests you cannot invite because they cannot be accommodated anymore.

These people won’t know that they are just part of your second choice, so there is completely nothing to worry about. Also, you have to give them enough time to prepare as if you send them the invitation a few weeks before the wedding, you might also receive a “no”.

  • Allow your guests to bring +1

A guest might have asked you that he/she will bring a friend to your wedding, initially you said no because of seat restrictions. But since there are people backing out, you can let them bring their plus 1.

This can surely bring joy to their hearts and would really appreciate it that you consider their request.

  • Make the wedding more intimate

Since there are fewer guests coming to your wedding, you can enjoy a more intimate event. You can go around every table and spend long hours with all your guests. You do not have to worry about too many people you do not know, as for sure, the people who will be coming to your event are the people that are truly and genuinely close to your heart.


  • Get rid of the receiving line

And because there are lesser guests coming, you do not need to worry about staying on the receiving line for a long time to meet and greet everyone in the queue. You can take the receiving line out of your wedding program and proceed to other things more important.

Moreover, you will have enough time to spend more time with your every guest to thank them for coming.

  • Invite the children

You might want an all adult party not because you hate kids but because you have no choice. Instead of inviting more adults to replace the vacant seats, you can let children be on your wedding day. Let your niece and nephew witness how beautiful you are on your big day.

Let children run around the wedding area and add fun and entertainment to the event. Not the most ideal for some, but definitely this is a good bonus for other couples.

  • You can pack the leftovers

Yes! You can bring home all the leftovers and feast on them the next day. You do not have to get up early every day right after your wedding to prepare your meals as they are all set and ready to be heated. It won’t only save you time and energy but money as well.

You can also ask other guests to bring home some of the leftovers, in case they want to.

  • You will have more time to rest and relax

Your guests are fewer, so expect that you have more time to relax and rest. Instead of entertaining and speaking with 150, it went down to 100. This will give you enough time to relax and spend more time with your loved ones.

There is a lot about weddings you need to think about. Of you do not know where to start or you are still having a hard time to cope, check The Bride’s Survival Guide!


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