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The Bride’s Survival Guide: What To Do If Wedding Is Suddenly Postponed To A Different Date

All couples dream to have a wonderful and successful wedding because it is one of the most important days for both of them. This day serves as the start of their life living together and building their own family. Because of this, couples often plan their wedding ahead of time and do their best in preparing for the ceremony. Everything that they want to consider to make their wedding successful, may it be wearing the best wedding dress, will be up to them. Couples always make time to prepare and make their wedding dreams come true.

But no matter how excited and prepared they are for their wedding day, the couples should always consider that unexpected events might come along their way. There are instances that unexpected events happen before or even during the wedding day. So, couples should always have their plan B or a back-up plan. No couple wants a hindrance ahead and during their wedding day but it is better to be sure and to be ready for everything.

A couple must always see their problem as a challenge rather than a hindrance. A challenge will help them to become more versatile and strong which is actually helpful for their married life.

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As they say, a challenge is always there in the life of a person. And if this challenge happens before or during the wedding day, there are a lot of ways to overcome it.

Before the wedding day

It is ideal for a couple to have a back-up plan. But if the plans totally did not work, the couple must understand the situation and think of ways to fix and resolve the problem.

  • Talk to your family and ask for their help or opinion

The family will always be there when a couple of plans for their wedding. A couple must be always open to the suggestions of their family because they have opinions that can help your wedding to be more successful.

Once a couple decides to postpone their wedding, the first people to know about this should be their family. They can help the couple not only to reschedule and plan again for the wedding but also to lessen the burden of the couple about their wedding problem.

  • Communicate with the wedding coordinators

Wedding coordinators are often used to everything that is connected to a wedding. They do always have a back-up plan in case of unexpected events that may be a hindrance to the wedding plan.

A couple must always communicate with their wedding coordinators because every decision of a wedding coordinator depends on the couple. That is why when a couple decides to postpone their wedding, the wedding coordinators must be informed as soon as possible to help them think and come up with another wedding plan.

  • Contact those people hired for the wedding ceremony and reception program

The catering services, lights and sounds, program host, booths and stalls, and other services a couple hired for their wedding day would always stick to the date a couple would inform them. A couple must inform these people immediately so that they will be adjusting to the new date that the couple would be telling them.

There are instances that a reschedule for the date on services would require an additional fee. The couple must be ready for this and must adjust their budget so that the services they want for their wedding day will still be present on the new date.

  • Decide on a new date or a new venue for the postponed wedding

The date for a wedding day will always be the basis of a couple to every plan that they would have. In case of unexpected events, the couple must decide immediately on when they plan to have the rescheduled wedding. So that they can inform the people they hired and invited for that day.

The venue could also be a reason to postpone a wedding. There are sometimes problems or conflicts at the venue the couple choose to have their wedding. Even though there are still other locations, some couples would choose to postpone their wedding so that they can have it in their dream venue.

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  • Inform your guests about the changes

Most of the guests for a wedding will be blocking their schedule for the wedding day to avoid conflict. They would also prepare a lot especially their gifts and their attire for the wedding day. So, the couple must inform them ahead of time if they postponed the wedding,

A couple sometimes gets anxious about telling the people they invited about the changes. But it will be more ideal to tell them about it immediately.

On the actual wedding day or during the wedding ceremony 

Of course, the couple and invites will always be excited on this day. But we cannot set aside the fact that it is still possible that unexpected events might happen.

  • Do not panic and stay calm

It is ideal and a must in every unexpected situation to stay calm. Panic would just result in another problem and will not help the current situation or problem the couple is facing. A couple must help each other to calm themselves.

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They should also know that there are people to help them overcome the challenge they are even if it is last minute.

  • Apologize to the people present in the wedding ceremony or reception program

As a form of respect, a couple should apologize to their guest in case of any unexpected events. Though the couple did not also like it happening, they must apologize and tell everyone the reason so that they would understand it more.

Guests would also not put the blame on the couple because they know what the couple feels about the postponed wedding. They also have some ways or suggestions to ease the burden or problem the couple is up to.

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