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The Bride’s Survival Guide: What To Do If Your Bridesmaid Backs Out

There are many brides that are so focused on their wedding dress, that is actually normal as they want to be the most beautiful lady in the venue, but that should not limit them from thinking about other important details in their wedding. Actually, there are so many things to think about at weddings, apart from the attire, the bride and the groom should also think about who among their friends would they invite to take part in the wedding party. Sure, this can be hard especially for couples who have a lot of friends.

Once you have decided on the right people to complete your wedding party, it is time to let them know their respective roles so they can prepare. It can be hard to choose but you have to do it early part of the wedding planning as the wedding party’s role is not only limited to walking down the aisle with you on your wedding day but they can also help you do some of the many things you have to prepare and arrange for your big day.

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Of course, you choose them not to help you with your wedding preparations but you choose them because you know they can give you the strength and confidence you need as you about to face an event that probably would change your life forever.

But what if, after everything has planned your bridesmaid suddenly decides not to go on your big day? This can be very traumatic and could definitely add stress to your already very stressful life.

How To Handle A Bridesmaid Backing Out?

Hard as it may seem but you have no choice but to face this not so good news. The action you have to take is dependent on many factors, to help you further, read below:

The bridesmaid decides to back out more than 6 months before your wedding day

If she decides to back out more than 6 months before the wedding, and you haven’t announced yet to social media the names of your bridesmaids, you can go ahead and find a replacement. For sure, there are so many people that you want to add up to your wedding party list but because you thought it is complete, you decided to take them off your list. A backing out bridesmaid gives you the opportunity to let that high school friend be part of your wedding party.

Anyway, no one would know that they are just a second choice unless you tell them.

The bridesmaids quite a few months or even a few weeks before your wedding day

So, what if your friend quits late and gives you almost to no time to find a replacement? Do not fret, as an uneven wedding party nowadays is okay. You do not have to pair up all the girls from the boys and vice versa. You can go and play with whatever is left on your wedding party.

Take it easy, it is not the end of the world, and yeah, no one would bother if one of your bridesmaids did not show up.

Make sure though that your host knows her absence so he/she will not announce her name as the wedding party is introduced in the reception.

If she cannot participate because of financial issues

Okay, bridesmaids sometimes need to finance their own dress, makeup, and even trips. If this is her reason for not attending, be kind enough to offer help. If you really want her to be part of your big day, maybe it is time that you extend some help.

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Never, please never ask other bridesmaids for help, unless she is okay with it, as no one wants to get humiliated.

If the bridesmaid excuse is she is too busy

Okay, the wedding parties are there to give you a hand on your wedding preparation but just to remind you, it is not their responsibility. If they can help, well and good, if they cannot, then it is fine. Remind them that they do not need to help with the wedding preparations if they really can’t, all you want is to be with them on your wedding day and be by your side all throughout this special moment of your life.

Make sure though that she is not too busy to at least attend your wedding.

If she said that attending your wedding is already impossible because of some understandable circumstance

She would really love to see you and be by your side at this precious event but because of the country work assignment or because it is the same day as her sibling’s wedding, she cannot be there. Sure, you have to understand anyway it is a valid excuse. To make her guiltiness subside even a little, make sure that you invite her to almost all pre-wedding events that will come along the way. Let her participate in the bachelorette party or any other party related to your wedding.

Let her know that despite the circumstance, your relationship won’t change and you would still love her as much.

If she decided to quit because you two had a fight

If the reason for the fight is because you are too demanding with your favors or you are asking her to pay highly expensive wedding fees, maybe asking for an apology should not hurt. But, if the problem is with her and the mistake she committed is something grave and too offensive, you may want to set her free and re-evaluate your friendship even after the wedding.

Never force anyone to be part of your wedding part more so be part of your life if he/she does not deserve a spot in your new life anyway.

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