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Engagement 101

What to do Right After You’re Engaged 101

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POP goes the question! Congratulations on your engagement and officially gaining a few new, temporary titles. You’re now a Bride-To-Be and Fiancée! What to do Right After You’re Engaged 101. You probably have thousands of questions running through your head right now. Where do I start and what to do first? You’ll be happy to hear you’re not alone! Even better so, what if we told you the answer is to do nothing!

It’s pretty common for newlywed couples to start their wedding planning right away (and for the bride-to-be to start wedding decor and wedding dress mood boards). We highly recommend to take some time to yourselves first. There are a few reasons why, so let’s get into it!

There’s No Need to Rush into Stress

Now, unless since there’s an actual urgent matter at hand (such as a legal instance), there truly is no rush to start the wedding planning! We have a feeling that moments after your loved one asked the question, the first thought in your head was not about the date of the wedding.

What to do Right After You’re Engaged 101

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Since you haven’t chosen the date yet, there’s nothing that should have you hustling to figure out all the details and book vendors right away!

As we’re sure you’ve heard from loved ones or seen on TV, planning a wedding is a long and stressful process.

Rather than diving into a boatload of stress, we say, take some time – to enjoy the calm before the storm (of stress, that is). It’s important to understand that you won’t waste time as many meaningful discussions can occur during this period.

Get Onto the Same Page

The key to a great wedding planning experience is communication and collaboration. After all, it is a wedding for both of you! It’s vital that you, together as a couple, consider your views, wants, and needs throughout the entire planning process.

The best way to do this is to be clear from the beginning on what that may look like.

Take this time to discuss the most important part of the wedding for both of you individually. See if your expectations line up or if you can incorporate both views in the wedding.


The main goal – get on the same page and discuss everything beforehand, so it never gets lost along the way. Lightly brainstorm your expectations, such as an outdoor or indoor wedding? Local or destination? Which season is ideal? And how big is the wedding dress budget? – Oh, that just snuck its way in there; silly us,  you should save it for a little later!

You’re Engaged, Just Enjoy That!

Lastly, we recommend taking at least a week to bask in the joy that comes with  your engagement! Spend time together to take in all that you love about each other. Hold off on telling all your family and friends for just a few days, so there truly is a moment for just the two of you to enjoy.

It sounds bizarre, we know, but try it, and you’ll see how precious these moments are before you get down to business.

Once your grace period is over, your head is on straight, you’re on the same page as a couple, and we believe this will set you up for a smoother planning process!


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