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The Bride’s Survival Guide: What To Expect In A Beach Wedding

There are many places to hold a wedding ceremony same as there are many options for a wedding dress. The couple can choose what venue or location they can afford or they have been planning with. Most couples choose this venue for a wedding ceremony because it is their dream since then.

Before, wedding ceremonies were only done in churches. But now, there are beach weddings and garden weddings also. Though the church wedding is the most common type of wedding, there are also couples who choose to have a beach wedding. This type of wedding, as stated in its name, is held on private beaches and is done outdoor.

Beach Wedding Expenses

Most beach weddings are quite expensive because the cost to rent for a venue or a location is pricey, excluding the reception program and the things that the couple will be needing to make this successful. There are many things to expect, both for the couple and the guests, when holding a beach wedding ceremony.

Beach Wedding Preparation

For the couple, they should be expecting a lot of things to prepare that will be needed to make their beach wedding plan successful. They will also be needing to expect that the money they will be spending will be a lot more. The first thing that they need to consider is the location or venue they will be used to commence the wedding. Since most of the beaches are private, the renting cost that they are offering will be quite expensive.

Beach Wedding Transportation.

Considering the fact that beach weddings offer nice views and fantastic location features, the couple must also consider the distance or travel time and the surrounding establishments before choosing their wedding venue. Since most of the wonderful beaches are located far away from the capital of a country, the couple must also consider the distance or the time it would take to reach the beach. If most of their invited guests are unable to provide their own transportation, the couple must make a way to find and help their guests arrive at the beach.

They can rent a van or vehicle which will be costing them more money. The couple must also look and check for the surrounding establishments on the beach that they will be choosing.

The priest that will bind the couple for life, may also need help with his/her transportation.

Beach Wedding Catering Service and Organizers

The couple must also expect that the event’s organizers and catering services they will be hiring will be needing help from them. There are private beaches that offer catering services and event organizers once a couple rented their property. The couple must have open communication with the catering services and event organizers they hired.

There is a possibility that they will charge more because they will be needing vehicles and additional manpower. From the wedding venue setting that to the chairs and tables, as well as the materials that will be used as decorations, all these should be transported by both the organizer and the catering service.

The food is sometimes cooked when brought to the venue but there are private resorts that allow the catering services to use their kitchen if they need to. The couple should also expect that they will be asked for a program to make the reception ceremony more fun and exciting. It is more possible to prepare more adventurous games and programs during a reception ceremony on the beach because the location is in an open area.

Beach Wedding Guests

For the guests, there will be a lot of fun and surprising expectations for them to have. They can expect a long and tiring journey before arriving at the venue at the beach but it will be worth it because they will be seeing men and women being husband and wife.

They can also expect fresh air and a healthy environment during the wedding ceremony and reception program because they are in an outdoor location. Which is a good thing to set a calm and lovely mood while watching the couple exchange their vows with each other. In the reception ceremony, they are expected to attend it also for them to enjoy the program that the couple and organizers have prepared.

Different kinds of entertainment are there during the reception program. There are segments that the host lets the guests enjoy fun and exciting games and they would be given prizes if they won.

The guest should also expect that they will be asked to give a message to the newly-wedded couple for everyone to know more about them. Some couples who choose beach wedding ceremony prepare an after-party once the reception program is done.

Beach Wedding Music

You can hire DJs and a mobile bar to set a very fun party mood because the guests are also allowed to swim on the beach. Guests should also expect an overnight stay in the private beach resort, but the decision would be up to them if they will stay for the night or they will go home after the reception program.

Beach Wedding Gifts for The Couple

Some people think that couples who choose beach wedding expect a gift in return because the couple’s expenses are a little bit huge. But most of the couples are happy to see that there are people who choose to celebrate with them on their special day. It is just a tradition to give gifts to a newly-wedded couple as a symbol of support, happiness, and love. It is also expected in every wedding ceremony that the emotions will be seen in everyone’s eye.

Do not expect that everything will run smoothly, may it be at a beach wedding or somewhere else, and hence you have to make sure that you are prepared when things did not work exactly as you plan.

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Photo by Gabriel Baranski

Photo by Getúlio Moraes

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