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The Bride’s Survival Guide: What To Look For In A Speaker To Invite On Your Wedding

It is your wedding? Are you excited? You might have attended many weddings in your life, seeing girls walk down the aisle with their beautiful wedding dress could be something you are dreaming of yourself for a long time. And now, it is coming and you are finally marrying the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. This can be very exciting but of course, it may give you butterflies as you want this day to be the most special not just for you and your groom, but all your guests as well.

Apart from choosing the vendors, which by the way will consume more of your time and efforts, one of the things you also have to look for is the person who will let you speak in front of your guests.

Of course, he will represent not just himself but you too, hence it is only fair that you consider all factors necessary to ensure that you will not let yourself down especially on your big day.

Things To Look For In A Speaker To Invite On Your Big Day

So, what are the things you need to consider when choosing a speaker to invite on your big day? Here are some of the things you have to consider:

  • He/she knows both the bride and the groom

The wedding is not all about the bride nor the groom, it is a party for the both of them, and so choosing a speaker that can share little something about both parties is a good idea. Sure, if she is the bride’s friend, she will say more about the bride but that does not excuse her from not saying something about the groom, at least telling the crowd his first impression when she first met the groom or a time when the groom proved to her how much he loves her friend is a good idea.

You would not want a speaker who will have a hard time remembering or even saying the name of your partner. The speaker does not need to know both parties well but at least a small knowledge about both of them is a good idea.

  • Has the good experience to share about marriage

Choose a speaker who can give you and your partner a light about married life. Choose that someone who can share his experience with you and gives you good pieces of information you can use that you may face in your married life.

By choosing a speaker that has an in depth understanding of marriage, you are giving not just you and your now-husband a guide to having a good and healthy relationship but your married guests too.

Anyway, a wedding is about love and letting people feel love in the air is indeed a sweet and good idea.

  • Has clear speaking voice

Yes please, for sure you have attended a wedding where there is a speaker who ended his speech without conveying a clear message to the couple and their guests. Choose a speaker that has a clear speaking voice and can easily send his message to his listeners.

Do not make your guests suffer and do not waste precious time at your wedding. Let the speaker share his message loud and clear.

  • Can grab the guest’s attention

Make sure that the speaker you will choose to speak in front of your guests has the ability to capture the attention and the heart of your guests. Choose a speaker that can share sensible information. For sure your guests would be very busy chatting around, and if you choose a speaker who is not good enough to make the crowd listen to him, it will just create chaos.

He does not need to be funny but at least he knows how to charm your guests.

  • The person you can run to when trouble comes

Choose a speaker who you can run to when your relationship gets tough. If you think of him as someone you can run to and talk to when the going gets tough in your relationship that means he is responsible and dependable.

  • Confident

Of course, you do not want someone who will hide his face in front of the camera or shakes while he speaks. You want someone who can stand confidently in front of people and would never fear talking in front of hundreds of people.

  • Someone who will not say anything embarrassing about you

It is your wedding and getting embarrassed is not an option at all. You have to have someone who will speak good and funny things about you and not those that will make you hide in your shell not only after the wedding but for a long time.

You want someone who can uplift you and not pull you down.

  • Someone who is respected in the field he chooses

Have someone who is respected and highly trusted in his field, he can be a doctor, engineer, a businessman, or anything else. Of course, you want someone who can share success stories and not heartaches and pain. It is a wedding so there is nothing to expect than happiness and joy.

  • Choose the one that you know will be there

Okay, one of the last things you have to think about is a missing speaker. Have a speaker that you know will be there. Also, if possible, it is best if you request him/her not to get drunk too much until the wedding speech is over. Sure, there are some things that drunk people may say irresponsibly.

Having a reliable and responsible speaker is a good idea.

There are many other things to consider at your wedding, and choosing the speaker is one of them. Some think that this isn’t a big issue to think about but wait until the day comes and you failed to hear what you want to hear.

Moving on, here are some other tips you may want to consider for your wedding:


Photo by Kevin Lanceplaine


Photo by Richard Jaimes

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